Guest Blogger Information Page

This is a work in progress and should be ready to go before summer.
But in short i am looking for sport writers that would like to get published. If you are interested please contact Toby at
Hope to hear from you soon!!
Toby Barnett

7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Information Page

  1. HI sweetie…I hope you had an awesome Easter weekend! Im back now and happy to be at work, I did a very small update on my blog and hope by wednesday to be back in full swing! I would however like to warn you about hump day…I havent had any in a while and well it might get a bit out of hand…Hahaha! love you!Thank you again for all your support and love and hugs..means the world to me hun! ~~Boobie~~

  2. Hey Toby..Im back…a bit slowed down..but back. My mom is home now, she gained about 5lbs over the two weeks I had her home…but I gained about 20…..Grrrr! Its wednesday…so you know I had to come say Happy Hump Day to you! *Hugs*~~boobie~~

  3. Hmm…so I was looking at your comment picture…wondering 😮 is that a hottie with a body? Then I come here and see your profile pic…..yes it is a hottie with a body! HaHaHa. Thanx for reading my poem.

  4. LMAO! love ur new video hun!
    glad u liked it ~ hey i got more music vids for the taking hava peekaroo ~ and i will be adding more..
    so how ya been??
    as u read and found me i was right hacked and my otha space gone POOF! i was sum sad im telln ya:( ~ right when i started the top 100 thingy too … ironic? yes! mysterious? somewhat!
    anywho i will be doing up my male homies soon ~ dont hav many and cant remember the rest from my otha space so they havta find me kinda thingy ( liek u did) very cool! anyways im rambling u take care ~ and jus so ya know ur my 1st ORIGINAL homie guy that found me ~ now do ya wina prize?? lemme get back ta ya on that lol
    take care
    s\’all good

  5. hey mr mr ~ still thinking on that prize thang ~ but hey maybe u can help me figure sumthn
    should a media plya be at the top or me at the top of my space??

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