Happy Friday!!

It seems it has been along time since I posted but things have been busy around here.
Our real estate company just scored an exclusive deal to market and sell a 12 home plat in Lynnwood. This is a great opportunity for our company. It will enable us to get more signs up and to have our agents list and sell the homes. The fun part is I get to do all the marketing 🙂 Horray!! I am totally stoked to try my luck at a project of this size.
This whole week I have been working on the marketing strategy and I think I have it all done. It will be sent to the developers this afternoon for approval. I have been working on it all week but it always feel like I am leaving something out. But if I did then I guess I did 😛 hehehe
After i get done with lunch here I will head back to the office to crank some stuff out. Anyhoo, it looks that I am done with my lunch so better get back to it.

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!!

  1. hi luv, sorry for the incredible delay….
    now i am assuming u meant siggy and not stiffy… however if u meant stiffy… well i can see what i can do for you (lol i kid i kid)
    anyways thank u for ur request and i would be more than happy to apease u, i havent been at dd for a bit now things like u so noted have been busy, but i have u on the list and i shall get to you sooner than later i am sure…
    be well nicci

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