Weekend Blow Out!!

This weekend was crazy business. It started off Friday night when I met up with a buddy to shoot pool and have drinks. We went to Razzels in Lake Stevens and that was cool but we had to go to a bigger party. So it was off to the Tulalip casino in Marysville for more drinks, dancing and gambling.
After a few drinks there I got the wild idea to play the $25 dallor blackjack table and f***in booyaooo I cashed in 9 Benjamins. Oh yea livin large at the casino. So after buying all the drinks and food we headed home for safety. I woke up with the meanest hang over, again, but it was totally bearable when i looked at my wallet.
With that cash I bought my Seahawk Season Tickets, a jersy, food and drinks all weekend!! It was nice to have free money to go blow on me and my friends.
There was some bad news in the weekend though. My phone s*** on me and so did my desktop pc. So I bought a new phone, MPx 220 Motorola, and called another buddy to set me up with what he calls a "tower of power". That will be sweetness so then i could actually play some top flight games. My P3 800 just can’t do it anymore.
So it is Monday and I am at work but the party hasnt ended yet. At 4 I am leavin work to go to a Mariners game. They are playing the current world champs, Chicago Whitesox. We’ll probably loose but it hella nice here and a beer sounds kind of tasty. Gotta check my levels normal. hahaha
Anyhoo I better get back to work and look like I am being productive 😛

12 thoughts on “Weekend Blow Out!!

  1. A busy weekend for you! It\’s nice. Since you enjoyed a good time with your friends.
    But I am used to be some quiet weekends,such as,staying at home,seeing movies,or meeting friends…It\’s nice also.

  2. Hey toby! Glad you enjoyed the "blow out" ha! I had to put it up..too funny! My daughter went to prom this weekend..you have to come see her, she is lovely! Yes ok..so im so proud of my gurly! Take care and the seahawks still suck! LOL! laters…~~Boobie~~

  3. I\’m glad you had a good weekend…same here! 🙂 I partied like a rockstar all weekend and plan to do the same this weekend…my levels are WAY low! 🙂
    Just wanted to say hi…it\’s been awhile – hope all is well!

  4. Glad u had a great time.  I\’m totally jealous about the M\’s.  The only thing thay have down here is the Bee\’s. (The Angels AAA team)  Although they do play in a nice stadium, much better that the pit that is Cheney stadium.  Oh well you take what you can get.  I played softball all day Saturday, and worked on code all day Sunday.
    I love the video.  Semi-naked girls, and power tools, what more could a guy ask for?  Oh I know a beer while watching the,semi-naked girls work the power tools!
    GO M\’s!

  5. hi hun..cute video…but im pretty sure i got the nailed thing down pat! ha! Happy hump me day! *Hugs*~~Boobie~~


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  7. Wow you have been busy and lucky! I had my phone do the same thing last Dec. gawd it sucks! I hate the one I have now but I will live with it till I decide what one I want. Have a good week.

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