A new truck…

A few weeks ago I sold my truck and for shits and giggles lets recap what happened durning my posession.
Year: 1994
Make: Chevrolet
Model: K1500 4×4 Z71
Color: Burgendy
Motor: 350ci – 5.7 liter – 285hp
  • 6 " Superlift Softride suspension kit
  • 35×12.5 Wild Country TXR
  • 15×10 Centerline Helcats


  • Edlebrock Preformer TBI intake
  • Edlebrock Performer cam
  • Hooer Competition headers (ceramic metallic coated)
  • Flowmaster two camber muffler (3"inlet, daul 2 1/2 outlets)
  • allumized exhaust
  • Supertuner performer chip
  • K&N airfilter

Running Gear

  • 4:56 gear ratio
  • stock transfer case
  • new 700R4 transmission 😦   (those were shitty tranys)
  • new rear driveline (i broke the first one when my tranny exploded on I-5 catching up to a hottie driving a Viper, the best way to go)

Well that thing was a good truck and I sold her after 9 1/2 years. Since i sold her I have been looking for a new truck. Yes, another truck. The new hottness is a get black 🙂


Year: 2003
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C1500 2wd
Color: Black
Motor: 327ci – 5.3 liter – 295hp
She looks great and like all my other trucks she is bone stock. It gives a perfect canvas to paint my picture. Buying the truck there were a few points that were important. Int & Ext colors, motor and overall condition of the truck. So when I came across a black one with the biggest V8 in a half ton I was stoked. If I even try to punch it from a stop or slow roll the tires light up. It does have a traction problem but I don’t mind. On the freeway the power is most noticable. It lurches and starts gettin down the road pulling like striped ass ape. Hold to seat belt where going for a ride, WHOOPA WHOOPA.
Maybe I can take it to the tract and seem some numbers. It would be nice to have a base line before I start modifying crap. I love to take stuff apart and put other stuff on. I will try my best to not touch it and plus there are no dineros to fund those endevors. I did work some 20s in the deal though. They are ready Monday 🙂 A rig has to have rims if nothing else.
I will post some pics when its nice outside and clean. hehehe I feel and excited and scared all at the same time. It has been along time since I purchased a vehicle, 9 1/2 years long.
It feels godo to have a newer truck but the "brand spankin new" vehicle still aludes. My first truck was a 1983 Chevy, notice a pattern, S-10. It had work done to it as well but that was a long time ago and this story is already way to long. So with have I am going to say peace out and go wonder around spaces and drop the wasssup 🙂
Ah one more thing…I went to the Seattle Supercross Tonight at Quest Field. Crazy fun, stayed sober, no beer but i had pizza and made safely home. It was bad ass. I will have to share some more later.

4 thoughts on “A new truck…

  1. " something women like about a pick-up man"
    I love trucks.  I could not imagine driving a car now.  I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 silver exterior, grey interior.  V-6, but that\’s better on gas mileage which is VERY improtant since I travel all over for my job (physical therapy in patients\’ homes).  Otherwise I would have gone all out and done the lift and the bigger tires and of course the brush guard.

  2. Yeah I love trucks too…we both have trucks the hubby and I. Why Black..i figured you or a Blue…a Seattle blue..or gray. Hum. Oh well..i figured wrong. Did you catch the draft? I didnt get to see much..jas calls me out every onces in a while and tells me we got such and such. Ha! I was busy coloring the hair…not so blonde now..hehe! Take care hun~~Boobie~~

  3. Something about driving a truck makes me feel large and in charge!  I\’m just getting by here in response to the comment you left at my site–it\’s been a little crazy!  Thanks for sharing your opinion.  In response to your questio (Is it worth giving up the freedom), I think that when you find the right person for you, it doesn\’t feel like you\’re giving up all your freedom.  I\’ve felt that way in other relationships, and because of that, ultimately, they didn\’t work out.  But now it\’s different–and I don\’t think it\’s because I like my freedom any less!

  4. Hi, seems like a nice truck 🙂
    You seem happy about it so enjoy!
    Except that, how it\’s going?
    Have a nice week.
    Bye, take care, Mike.

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