Sexy Nomination…

My sexy nomination has finally come. So if your down with goingbigger then get on over and show some love.
There is some competition out there though but like Jolie Mae said "I like a guy with substance". Holy Moly, Now that is what I am talkin about!! That could be the best adjective that describes me "substance". YEA BUDDY!! This is an honor coming from some of the hotties of Spaces and so I hope the friends which I have made can help me out. 🙂 Shameless Advertising – sorry I couldnt resist.
Here is a pic of the Stom Ack to judge by. It isn’t perfect but wtf its the only one i have.

Toby Goes Bigger Than Everyone!!

Also, Last weekend I went to Snolqualmie Falls To see it for the first time. I took some new pics and they can be viewed in the Photo Albumn.

I finally cum to this weekend. Friday I kicked it with with Aaron and after hangin on out on his Lake Washington Condo deck we went to a new Irish pub in Kirkland. Don’t ask me the name because I "am" to loaded to remember. It was a great time; we drank, we laughed; almost puked but had a most Bo-Dai-Ish time. I got loaded and when I went home, I proceeded to got to QFC!!

Chips, milk and some other stuff 😛 I was good to go. Well Saturday I got down on some yard work for a friends parents and made little more than a Benjamin. It was good work making a walk way with gravel, top siol and my fav, big stones.

After all that fun I got cleaned up and met back up with Aaron. He was having a poker party and I thought I got the invite because I might hand out my loot. Newp. Toby ruled the Hizzz Ouse!! I walked with more Benjamins…You know how I do it 😛

I had a great weekend. It is late on Sunday, 11:58 to be exact, and Gawain, my neighbor, and I went out for some adult beverages. He is a coll hommie from South Africa. Hopefullly I will go to England and visit him in a few months. I have never been there but its sounds like GOINGBIGGER could do some damage.

My weekend has now come to a close, 12:08am Monday, I will say

"Sleep well and may tomorrow be the high-light of your life"

Until the next time we chat…this is Toby Singing off…


5 thoughts on “Sexy Nomination…

  1. Thanks for stopping by!! Great space you have here! So much to do and see..think I\’ll check things out for a bit 😉

  2. Chips, milk and some other stuff…LOL.. hmm I wonder what the "other stuff" could possibly be…..
    I\’d vote for ya…but I never vote for anyone.. I don\’t want to hurt anyone by voting for one person and not the other.. know what I mean jellybean??  Just for the record.. your abs are definitely sexy 😉 I\’d do ya if I was single.. LMAO jk.. or am I? hmm….

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