I had a not so cool day…

I had a not so cool day at work but before I get to the crappy part I must start at the beginning. This morning I got up hella early and started implementing a portion of a marketing plan I did. So after a few hours I meet up with mi madre to go check out some property and run ideas about the design of our signage. So we are cruisin in my moms phat ride, 545i BMW, and bouncin ideas off each other while I take notes on my tablet pc.
We spent 3.5 hours driving and talking and even signed a deal around. It was a great way to start the day. It was blue sky but still a tad chilly and definetly perfect weather to do some running around. My mom kicks ass!! Anyhoo, we get back to the office and I start making some phone calls to get in touch with people who are doing "pieces" of the marketing. Well I get on the phone with one lady whom is supposed to be doing som logos and nothing more and she proceeds to talk to me like I am moron.
So that ercked me right away but I blew it off. Then she starts bossing me around like I work for her and telling me what I have to do. Excuse me but who wrote the F***ing marketing plan and got it approved by the builder? Uh, I did. She told me she is going to design all the signage and all I have to do is get her the information for the sign and she will "pretty it up". Bull S***. Is she trying to steal all my fun? It looks that way.
Now I am caught between a rock and a hard place. Do I confront her and give her the 411 and the builder or do I let it get worked out between the builder and the lady (I would love to publish some bad articles regarding her demeanor but I will hold off on that)? I don’t know the best approach just yet but I have decided to put in on the back burner for a few days so I can think things through rationally because right now I am so irrational and pissed.
As it sits right now I will only be doing one or two flyers instead of the whole marketing plan implementation. The orginal agreement was that Barnett Associates Real Estate would be designing and implementing the whole thing. It has me bummed since I thought this may be my first big chance to show case my talent other than just my other web work.
I hope it all plays out the way orginally planned but only time will tell. So after a long day I am relaxing and brewing up some dinner and browsing the net.
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5 thoughts on “I had a not so cool day…

  1. i vote for pedro!
    hahah how ya been toby darling?
    ive been away from the pc for weeks did ya miss me? ~lol dont answer that itll only hurt my feelings hahah
    when i hav more time i will havta check out the votimg stuff but i gota run
    hava good one

  2. well at least the day started out well..
    that does suck about that lady.. especially considering how much work goes into a marketing plan.. geesh.. I dunno what to tell ya there.. hopefully she changes her mind.. or maybe you could work with her and ask her what her ideas consist of and put some additions into the already existing one? Good luck..

  3. Hey nice space  you have and thanks for commenting on my space i appreciate it, i like the pics of space pretty cool stuff. shame you like the seahawks though because my broncos are going to the big dance next year and the steelers will not be there. broncos vs seahawks superbowl next year. well got to go catch you later.

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