In the news…

In the news this week are some interesting items regarding the Seattle Seahawks.
I. Mini Camps have started
II. The 12th Man debate has ended
III. Seahawks training camp with be moved to Renton from Kirkland
So the season is almost under and now the players are getting their grove on in the mini camps. I would like to go watch a practice/mini camp one day and take some pics. Seening all the players go through a gruling work out would be fun and maybe even give me pointers on how I could improve my work out.
Texas A&M and the Seattle Seahawks have settle the copyright infridgement lawsuit. Now both team will be able to use the saying but there are some stipulations. Texas will continue to have the copyright and exclusive use but the Seahawks can use it under a license agreement. I think it is good that we can use the term and now that debate is over we can get on with our "12th Man Mania". It is also most time to bring the noise. Who wants to play in our stadium? Probably just the Hawks.
Kirkland has been home to the Hawks headquarters and training camp as long as I have been alive and now it is going to move. That sucks! I like living in the city in which they trained and such. I met Bobbie Engram in an apartment building I lived at when we road the elevator. At the time I was interning with the Seattle Mariners and he just finished beating the Raiders in Oakland and just got home. Now my chances of bumping into players will go down. I am pretty sure I have seen more players but they have been in the vehicles. You can tell because they are blacked out with 26inch rims.
As the season draws nearer my friends and I are counting down the days to the start of our season. This is it for me.

One thought on “In the news…

  1. Howdy neighbor.
    Howz it going?
    Summer is on it\’s way Baby…lol
    Is it ok if I link ya?
    Let me know…
    Have a great evening….
    Nice pic of you…

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