Well another day…

Well another day has gone and I am tired. I left my apartment Monday morning for work and I will go home tomorrow. It has been a long week but well worth the effort. To answer Linda’s question: What wrong. Nothing is wrong or nothing happened. I have been really really busy at work but it was all good stuff, just mentally draining.
Monday morning we got our a Konica Minolta C351 BizHub dropped off and installed at work. It was cool because I have been doing the whole deal, like a real office manager, and meeting with sales reps, install guys and having meetings with title companies all while trying to do my normal office duties. So needless to say I have been busting my balls around the office.
I just got to my mom’s house,having a frosty adult beverage, after a great office meeting. I put together the material with some help from mom but I did the most which isnt important for our meeting at 5:30pm. 12 of our 17 agents showed up!! It was f***in awesome and what a great energy we have. We worked through the agenda and discussed current issues, topics and strategies to achieve a great business presence both for the company and for its individuals.
Our company is red hot and is looking to be a serious contender against the big fat companies in Snohomish County. I am happy to finally see our office growing the way I have envisioned it. If no one has been around an entreprunial atmosphere you may not understand how decesions, which may seem so minor, impact a company and how it can grow and the craziness that grow has.
I am just excited I can get to be apart of my families business. I get a lot of personal satisfaction watching my hard work pay off and know I had a major part in it. I can’t take all the credit because MOM has and does put tons of effort into it!! My MOM kicks Ass!! I know becuase she has f***ed me up before 🙂 I deserved it though!!
So as I wind down my night with beverages I am thankful for everything in my life. My family and friends and so important to me and to be able to share experiences with them and you means a lot to this dude from small town Marysville.
How to end this blog tonight? Maybe with some humor, image or what? Well how about a quote an old pipeliner told me.
"fear causes hesitation…hesitation causes your worst fears to come true"
Your friend in time…

2 thoughts on “Well another day…

  1. okay…. what co. is this?…. I wanna buy stock. haha!!
    Hey there! Nice to hear from you. It\’s been a while. I\’m going through a major transition. Quit my job, divorcing, sold my house, and leaving the country. I hope you come back around to visit.
    I got a big chuckle from your video!

  2. I stand corrected on the Carey Hart backflip thing in my Sexy of Spaces blog.  I\’m sure I meant to say "in competition", but you know..was probably distracted by the photos (I\’m not petty..I\’m just a girl)  So..thanks…and I have amended the post to be accurate,

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