Hola bitcholas…

Hola bitcholas,
Friday is finally here and it is time to have some fun. Some friends and I are heading to the M’s game tonight to chillax and probably see the M’s loose. Ah well it still should be fun though. Going to games is a seriously fun time. Especially with some college buddies. It was nice to take today off and get a semi-good work out in. I got a tad tired and didnt do my last bit of cardo.
The important thing is that I did biceps tonight. Now when I am out and about my guns will be swollen 😛 That was corney 🙂
Let’s see what else is going in the world of work. hmmmmm…our biz website, Barnett Associates Real Estate, is under consideration to be in a Best Business Website category sponsored by our web hosting company. I hope we do good and I think we have a good shot.
The reason being is that there isnt to many company sites in there. Their are mostly individual sites but the company ones that are there are very good. It should be fun to see what happens. It would suck if we didn’t even get pass the first round but for some reason I think that is highly unlikely.
I am working on my ad for the competition but I dont have any real cool image software or any $$$$ to buy any. Maybe I will call in a favor 😉 Anyhoo I got get ready fo the game!! GO Mariners!!!

2 thoughts on “Hola bitcholas…

  1. •ิ.•ั´¨¨)♥) •ิ.•ั¸.·´ .•ิ.•ั·´¨¨))ั((¸¸.·´ ♥..·´ •ิ.•ัஐHey Toby….OMG thank you for the wicked shout.. how did you do that.. hmmm nicci must get to work … that rocks! your fantastic!
    Oh btw your killing in the abalicious spacer!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend .. catch u on the flip side..
    Please be sure to come on by and take a gander at everything from Tuesdays Confessions of a Lustful Mind to Weekends without Borders… filled with some of the fun tips, tricks, stories and yes just plain old humpday hotties….
    Keep your eyes open for the kick off of Sexy Spacer of the Month and then… the opening of Dear Dear Diary…
    We apprecaiate every visit, every comment and yes the participation of those on spaces..
    Hope to see you again soon…
    ღ.· ´¨¨))¸.·´ .ღ·´¨¨))((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-((¸¸.·´ღஐﻬ♥☆Nicci of the SVP\’s☆♥¸¸.·´ﻬ))

  2. haah mens room@! hey what up? doe sthat mean im nmot allowed in here?? hhaah anyways doll thought id say howdy "HOWDY"
    lata gata

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