Today I got a call…

Today I got a call from a client I have been working with regarding the website my biz partner and I are designing for her. She is completely unhappy in the way I have been designing the homepage and is disappointed because she does think she has gained no value from my services.

It is pretty disheartening because all the work i have done she has not liked. The only information provided by her for our use has been a half a page of chicken scratch. So am i supposed to create a functional site from chicken scratch and have it be eaxclty what she is invisioning.

For the first time in a while I don’t know what to do. It looks like I will get fired. The good news I got a new lead for another website today and will be talking the person soon.

Failure is diffucult to manage but from what I have heard you have to "learn to fail before you can learn to succeed". At least that is what I am trying to tell myself. Only time will tell if that is what truely happens but for the time being I am miserable.

3 thoughts on “Today I got a call…

  1. Dear Toby,
            So sorry to hear that. However,everything is two-edged.So don\’t think too much. As you said,"learn to fail before you can learn to succeed". You will succeed.

  2. To the supporters:
    I am going to appologize in advanced for this generic message, however I wanted to get around and thank each of you who voted for me for most interactive space at SHOF!.. thats atleast 60 of you! guys rock!   I know alot of you dont actually know the space but hope you get a chance to come by and play a game or 2 or just say hello.. you all took a moment for me, and this is me taking a moment for you now…
    BIG HUGGGS FOR ALL = ) And thanks again!!
    Your all the best!
    The Warped & Only
    Tarah xo

  3. aww that\’s shitty.. some people are just hard to please..don\’t let one biatch get to you.. there\’s plenty others out there that would probably love for you to design theirs.. smile.. =)

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