I am a winner

I am winner in the Sexy Spacer Abolicious contest hosted at the Sexy VPS. It was a land side, hehehe, now that is what I am talkin about!! Nicci made me a siggy for my win.

Toby is the Abolicious MSN Spacer

I can’t wait to participate in another event on MSN Spaces. Get out and see what the events are all about and you may find one you would like to participate. I have seen blog walks, contests, story telling and game associations events. They are all different and usually hosted by the space owner. But get involved because you never know who you will meet and what will happen.
Well I don’t feel bad anymore about loosing the gig. If a client is happy with my services then so be it. I am not going to take time out of my life trying to please everyone 🙂 Anyhoo I better get back to work. I am writing a report for all of our agents and I need a quick mind break.
Peace out!!

9 thoughts on “I am a winner

  1.   •ิ.•ั¸¸Hi Darlin•ิ.• What a fantastic blog!
    Thank you so much for taking time to support us, play with us and hsout us out!
     Just taking a moment now to let you and all know that the polls are open for the June calender pin ups please come by and cast your votes Also taking a moment to  remind you to keep your eyes peeled for more great tips and tricks that will be rolling out regularly at SOS, not to mention the begininng of  REAL Confessions of a Lustful Mind and much much more.. slowly but surely we will meet all areas……
    Your Input matters.. and we are listen

  2. Congratulations! Toby,you are so great.
    Yes,we don\’t need to please everyone. We have many things to do.
    Be happy everyday.

  3. Ohhh yes I love my trucks!! And if it isnt chev, its garbage 🙂
    I love them both, mmm!!! I bet the black one will get out and blow a few vehicles off the road!!
    Have you raced it?? Thats a blast! Love doing that!
    Drive it like you stole it babe!!
    Thanx 4 poppin in and be sure to stop by soon ok!!


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  5. Hey sexy!! just tagged your ass with 8 rules to your perfect lover… come by check it out ( it may be easier for you to just describe me 😉 hehehe ) Hope all is well.. sexy ab man 🙂 *drools*
    hugs & kisses

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