X-Men – The Last Stand

Tonight Rudy and I finally went to see X-Men – The Last Stand. I give it a HUGE THUMBS UP! Excellent story line, graphics and A§§ Kickin!! I enjoy watchin a good ass kickin movie that has cool shit in it like, super powers. If you haven’t see it yet I highly recommend it but I won’t spoil it either. It brings me to my topic tonight though.
Topic: What would be your ultimate super power and would you use it nicely?
Here are some awesome examples of super powers: telacansis, control over metal, weather, fire and ice. But the list continues. What if you could turn into a steal man, a man that can run through anything, a girl that can walk through walls, had a steal skeleton with big claws that heals hella fast (that is my fav) or the ability shoot lazers out your eyes.
The one super power you get exposed in the movie in which I have never thought of before is the ability to destroy anything and everything. The ultimate power. It was actually a tad spooky. The lady that had it was sexy, powerful, passioniate all at the same time but then she would get scary. And would petty much start going ballistic and she was the most powerful of anyone but in the end she was brought down.
Last night I hung out with my buddy Aaron and he asked me what would my power be? My favorite character is Wolverine. I have the second edition of his comic book series and multiple ones after. He is cool, badass, heals hella fast, has big metal knives in his hands and is tough as nails. I like his physical temporment as well along with the super power side burns!! Side burns just say cool.
This would be hella schweet! I mean, you would have a super power! Here are some other super powers I thought of that would hella scweet.
Rico – with this power you could make womens cloths just blow off them. This power could really impress your friends but it may also get you a lot of slaps in the face 🙂 It could be possibly worth it 😛
Stank – your power would be the nasty breadth and ass. Pretty much a stink machine. With one blow to the face you knock your opponets senseless. I would personally would pass on having this power.
Elavasis –  you would have the ability to make anything levitate. You could so pull trees out of the ground or pick large object and throw them. Imagine how far you could throw a rock… might have to go to the ocean to test that out.
I am now drawing a blank but you get the idea.
Conclusion:  Having a super power does mean you have a responsibility not to use it foolishly. So if you do have the ability do something like that please don’t go f***ing crazy 🙂
So what would your super power be? Let all of us know and get creative becuase that is half the fun.
Have a great night!!

One thought on “X-Men – The Last Stand

  1. It is not about food Toby. People have misunderstood! It is solely about inhumane treatment of animals. If you read my current blog you would understand more what I mean….

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