X-Men Cont…

Since seeing that movie iut has inspired me to keep checking out the movie scene and my comic book. If you want to check some images from the movie The Last Stand, click here.
Ok I have been a fan of Wolverine long before he was ever really popular. I’m not saying he wasn’t but in the grand scheme Wolverine wasn’t the bad ass he is. He has powers that are un matched but that is not to say he was or is without enimies. But taking it to the limit is what he does best and he will chop his opponents heads off if that is what the situation calls for. He isn’t a sensative person but more does what he wants, when he wants. There is a difference to him from others…loyalty.
Wolverine will always pursue good over evil but he has walked a fine line at times. In his growing he has learned to be what he has become…see the movie if you want to know what I mean because the explaination would be terribly long and will space the discomfort.
Now lets get to what he does best…Stay Mutha F***in Cool under pressure, Wolverine Image. If that image doesn’t define cool…I’m sure I don’t know what cool is.
Moving on…to the Hotties of the show and belive me they do a great job with the hotties.
 If those three are not §§§§§mokin hot you have f***in issues. I mean they are sexy, eatiful (did i say that?), powerful and full of energy. I like ladies that are full of energy. If ytou have super sexy power….Show Me Them!! Yeaaa Babe!! E-mail Me with pics today!!
Mystique (Rebecca) is F***ing damd near naked…for the love of God…I would so do a chick that look liked that. I would f*** a blue chick…You Know It!! So I probably don’t have to explain why I like the others…Halle is and will always §§chmokin and Famke is just beyond…I am sucka for a red head.
Go check the movie out…I have blogged for two days on this topic…heheh i am going to see the movie again!! Anyhoo that is all for me tonight!!

3 thoughts on “X-Men Cont…

  1. MMMMMM I love it when Im kept nice and busy!!!
    How bout we f.u.c.k clear into the third and forth rounds??
    IM game!!! hehe
    🙂 wahooo!

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