Happy Humpin…

I survived my 28th birthday. It wasn’t like turning 18 or 21 but it was pretty cool though. One of my hottie friends, Cindy, took me out for dinner and drinks. I love kickin it with her because we can talk, laugh and dance hella schweet together. To bad we are only friends but I would rather have that than anything, ya know?
So what is new up in the homestead? Let’s see…Oh i got some new pictures of some hotties I finally downloaded off my camera, view hottie pics here. Yea Buddy!! So to say the least there is really nothing to new.
Work in the Washington Real Estate Industry is keeping me more than busy. Our Lynnwood plat is fully under way and I have just a few pieces of the marketing campaign to complete. It will be a sigh of relief to see how this project turns out, for better or worse. It will give me a baseline to see what worked well and what didn’t and the areas that could use more emphasis.
Finally through talking shop 😛
I haven’t written anything political in a while but here is a video in which I would like to right a piece on that incorporates my views, watch YAAFM. It is a flash video titled "Your a Fucking Moron". I love this piece and its a must watch. The link has been on my site for a while but it has gotten no direct publicity.
Hmmmm what the f*** else. I am not really sure so with that i end this episode.

5 thoughts on “Happy Humpin…

  1. Damnit, I keep hitting that "view hotties pics here" link and it never seems to work, I think somethings wrong with it!
    I was #782,783,784,785,786,787,788… still nothing.  Might wanna get that checked!  LOL!
    Hey man glad to hear your b-day was a slammin success!  Sounds like you got yer freak on which is always cool.
    Thanks for visit.  Yeah, I\’m pretty happy with my bike… think she\’s happy with me too, I treat her like a queen. 
    Have a good weekend… 364 days til your next birthday…. starting NOW!

  2. AWWWW ~ STOP IT OUT!  ull make me blush hahah
    im glad ur birthday went well im surprised u were able to go out afta all those spank\’ns i gave ya… lol
    OoOOoOoooh a lady friend took ya fo dinner??? good stuff!
    i want the juicy details ASAP
    ya know i didnt hava humpalicious wednesday but ahhh oh well.. lol

  3. Hey Toby,
    Thanks for the link brother!
    Consider the action reciprocated! 
    Damnit #789, 790, 791, 792, thought you would of had that damn link fixed by now! 
    Take care, have a kickass FRIDAY!  WOOOOOOOOHOOO!

  4. Hey I just saw ya link from Chucks space, the goingbigger thing sort of got my attention I must admit. WTF is hump day, surely it can\’t be what my dirty is thinking. Either way hope u had a good hump.

  5. oh man don\’t even mention it, it was the only thing that I COULD do really just hope that you had a good bday! 🙂
    have a great day.

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