Gone Racing…

Today at 2:15pm I will be heading to Pacific Coast Raceway for some drag racing. Brian, his brother, and our friend Chance will be tearing up the asphault all day. So needless to say my day so far is highly productive, imagine that.
We are going to borrow a buddies digital video camera today with the hopes of getting some good footage. I am bring my still camera as well. Pictures will be posted sometime 😛 No garantees when they will go up. Time just can’t pass fast enough for me right now…maybe i should try and work. Nah that would be to easy, heheheh.
Damn…I am not killing enough time. It is so quite in the office today. No one does real estate on a Friday.
Here is a interesting story I found on MSN. Judge orders a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle a dispute. hahaha what will the crazy Floridians come up with next.
I bet everyone has seen the news regarding the latest of one terrorist al-Zarqawi. Like Dr. Dre once said "He’s a dead mutha fucka now". I hope he burns in hell and last time I heard there were no virgins down there. On that note has anyone played the flash video in my media player? It is awesome and for a cartoon it makes some very solid points regarding the Muslim people and there culture. It also out lines some areas we, as in the western culture, do to accomidate the Islamic religion.
I think the stuff we do like not reprint the cartoons of their prophet, muhammad, is complete crap. What happened to a thing called freedom of speach and press? hmmmm…I say reprint, make fun of and do whatever we feel like.

4 thoughts on “Gone Racing…

  1. Hello, its me Jolie Mae
    As most of you know lately the only blogs I\’ve posted have been about animal cruelty etc. I wanted to add a bunch of related links to my space about it all but just dont have the room. So on that note….I created a space specifically for all things animal cruelty, endangered species, etc. This way I can still speak out on issues that are important to me and hopefully make a small difference BUT be able to have my main space to be my crazy self. Although I will still post important blogs on my main space from time to time. Please come and check it out as I am just starting out and the word needs to be spread.
    Thanx a bunch~xoxo

  2. Thank you Toby.
    As always I will keep doing what I\’m doing because thats what you do when you believe in something!
    I just hope people are kind enough to pitch in because the issue of animal cruelty is worldwide and it will take more than just one person to make a difference!

  3. Hey T:  Happy birthday.  Hope someone else was in charge of the car that night.   Did you taste some good beers?

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