Updated Spaces

If you visited your space lately you may have noticed a slight change, drastic but slight. The change affect the URL of your MSN Space.
My address was once http://spaces.msn.com/goingbigger/ but now it has been altered to this, http://goingbigger.spaces.msn.com.
At first glimce this may not seem like a significant change but for a search engine marketer it has significant effects. I use a tool to measure a websites potential yelid. It is called Google Page Rank. It is based on a scale of 0 – 10. Over a period of time a website will accumilate rank by several methods some of which I have disscussed in previous blogs.
As a blogger I am concerned about traffic. Good, bad and ugly traffic as long as traffic comes in. I don’t put blogger friends in this category becuase we visit each for other reasons like friendship and I thank and appreciate ever visit and comment 🙂
But the traffic I am referring to comes from search engines like Blog Search by Google and so on. So now that are addresses have changed and our accummilated Page Rank gone search it will take some before we can get that back.
Lucky for us there are some tools to help speed that process up and they are Pinging Tools. Here are my three favorites to use.
  • King Ping ~ sends your URL to 17 different blog aggregators
  • Ice Rocket ~ one of the biggest blog communities
  • WeBlogAlot ~ one of the biggest aggrigatos of blog feeds

So go to these sites and submit your information to regain your presence online 🙂 Just remember to use your RSS feed. We all know where to find that but if you forgot just add /feed.rss after the .com of your address.

Have fun with the new modules and you can view the new at the Space Craft’s Space.


5 thoughts on “Updated Spaces

  1. Hey I\’m glad you had a good weekend. Drag racing hey awesome!! I love the smell of rubber. I had no idea the url has changed I\’ll have to check it out. Luv X

  2. meh.. traffic isn\’t really a concern for me.. I\’d rather just blog for my own enjoyment.. when I have the time of course lol..which isn\’t a lot lately heh..

  3. new modules what…I am off now to figure that all out, and Like jen, I don\’t really worry much about traffic, although, I will tooty toot my own horn and say that I am almost at 20,000, which is soo bloody impressive to me I feel giddy hahahahaha…but its all good.
    most of its family and friends lol

  4. beena tuff few days for me hun ~ went private…
    so i wouldnt havta deal ~ theres beena few requests ~ ive approved a couple ~ ur ona themu ur more than welcome 2 drop in
    take care
    april 😦

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