Happy Father’s Day

Man, I almost forgot it was Father’s Day. I will call my brother and my dad to wish them a Happy Father’s Day. I bought them both cards at the beginning of the month and never got them out to them…that is horrible but I will see my bro tomorrow and give him is card. I really don’t think my dad even knows its father’s day. Hahaha and I am totally serious. I think he left for Italy Friday and he should be in Ireland. My old man is a pilot for Bruce McCaw, the billionaire, so he travels quite a bit. Happy Father’s Day Dad & Bryan!! Love ya both!!
I feel good today because I stayed home last night but also I got a lot of work done last night in which I have been putting off for some time.
After getting yesturday morning Chris and I went to The Wayne golf course and shot a round. It was a great afternoon but my game was in the toilet on the front nine. My brother gave me his 2 year old Callaway driver, thx bro 🙂 but I was not used to it and my balls were going up and to the right. I could hit them far but not straight. But that was only a portion of my problems. My irons were horrid along with my putting.
But when we got to the back nine something changed. The 10th hole I par’d and and it was on like donkey kong. Over the next eight holes I teed off and placed the ball either on or near the green. It was stellar, putting was still a tad shaky, and it seemed I could do no wrong. I finally relaxed and enjoyed my strokes.
Golf is like masturbation, if you not enjoying your strokes you won’t enjoy the payoff.
After golf, I came home and kicked off my cloths, threw on my pjs and sat my fat ass on the couch. I threw in some new dvd’s and jumped on the web. The other day I figured out how to improve the inter linking within BAREs website so the back button works perfectly from page to page. Our site uses frames, which arent the best but work, and if the link is done in one fashion it will add extra frames and/or the back button won’t work unless you mash it a few times. It took me some time to fix all the links but I am totally done and glad I have figured that little issue out.
Then I went on to creat my personal bio page on our site. I get on our agents to get theirs done and I finally got mine done. hehehe ah well. It came out pretty well, http://toby.barnettassociates.net, but it was different to write something about me on that site compared to writing on this site. Gotta be professional there…i hate when that happens…heheheh.
All that work took me 3 movies and at 1:30am I hit the sack for a little bit of light reading before crashing out. Right now I am reading The First Scientific American, Benjamin Franklin and the pursuit of Genuis by Joyce Chaplin. Light reading, yea right but it is really interesting and is captivating to learn about what Franklin accomplished in his lifetime. Going from a printer to a man of letters and then onto politics is the true American Dream.
Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. lol @ Golf is like masturbation, if you not enjoying your strokes you won\’t enjoy the payoff.
    So what is fukcing??   A hole in one??  LOL
    I like your space.  Needs a bit more time for exploration though.
    I have you book marked.
    Susan from downunder

  2. Hope you don\’t stroke too much and tend to land more hole in one\’s. Maybe you need to concentrate less on your balls and more on your stroke. Oh goodness are you sure you want to link your business with your blog…….your game and with a name like going bigger omg lmao. Seems like you had a good yet busy weekend I hope your stroke improves……my dad taught me practice makes perfect.

  3. "my balls were going up and to the right"
    I could make a perverted comment.. but I\’ll be good haha
    hope your week is off to a great start.. going to check out your bio now 😉

  4. Hello Mr. Hot Bod 😉
    Are you serious…they called you?
    I think thats a bit much!
    What did you say in return?
    ~hugs and stuff~

  5. •ิ.•ั´¨¨)) •ิ.•ั¸.·´ .•ิ.•ั·´¨¨))ั((¸¸.·´ ..·´ •ิ.•ั •ิ.•ั¸¸Hi  Toby •ิ.•hmmm sounds to me like u had both a fun filled and productive weekend… and i must say i did so enjoy ur masturbation vs golf quote.. very very true.. made me giggle and get dirty thoughts…
    dont sweat ur boxers babes, the dragonesses isnt leaving by sos is … i just cant do it anymore.. (and i dont mean me solely but u knowwhat i mean)
    i would love to keep in contact though so .. dragonlady05@hotmail.com if you will so we can chat about u know cars and shit lol…
    Be well and thanks for making room for me!


  6. Hey Toby…
    Just thought I would drop by and say \’ello.  As I\’m sure you noticed… I deleted my space.  Just takin up too much time, found myself almost livin there… which is no good of course \’cause I\’d much rather be livin on the road on my motorcycle which is what I\’m trying to do more of these days.  So maybe in the fall when the roads aren\’t so tempting and the temperature is a bit more cruel I\’ll start up another one.  Till then, I\’ve "enclosed" my e-mail address, feel free to respond to this or say hi anytime anyway… otherwise… take care bro, I\’ll stop by once in a while to check in on ya!  Later dude.

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