Well my efforts…

Well my efforts to upload a new song have failed. The site I use is not accepting the file upload…maybe I will call Chuck F***ing Norris and have him round house the servers for me…If Chuck can’t solve it then no one can 😛 So no new music which is a bummer because I had a really cool one picked out. It wasn’t anything new but instead really really fun.
Tonight I have been off commenting and browsing through spaces and leaving my Big Foot mark everwhere. If you didn’t I do live in Big Foot country and the funny thing is that they have been spotted in my old camping area…man I thought I was just loaded when I seen him campin.
Since the new URL change I had to make a new logo but I am not sure if I like how it turned out. It is the same as the last one but with a different URL at the bottom. I need to creat a new one but I don’t have a clue what i should be.
Ah wtf…i better just go to do something…maybe read my book with a monster glass of milk. Gotta keep the vitamins in the body 😉

7 thoughts on “Well my efforts…

  1. Hey Toby,
    How sweet of you to remove it. I probably would have just laughed. Some people are just odd in the things they worry about. People need to become concerned over the serious issues not the petty ones. Hope you are having a good day!
    Lai-tro…hehe =P

  2. •ิ.•ั´¨¨)) •ิ.•ั¸.·´ .•ิ.•ั·´¨¨))ั((¸¸.·´ ..·´ •ิ.•ั •ิ.•ั¸¸Hi  Toby  •ิ.•
    I was just going to ask u what service u used and recommend fileden, but i see others have already done so…
    Ahh the horoscope thing, yes thanks for the feedback but it is not available in Canada yet, WTF are we that far from the USA umm let me think NO since I could drive to you in like 3 hrs… ugg frustrating… but thank you for ur time…
    No the Hits, that is related to MY SPACE not the kings of spaces… I am nearing my 40K, but am frustrated I keep hearing my space is a bitch and a half to load so WTF I need to dump stuff I guess or the world needs better computers and connections cause damn skippy I have no problemloading it…
    So UR The Bigfoot .. hmmm have u seen Saskwatch any where, he is missing from the Kokanne Ranch.. lol… ahhh u crack me up….
    So chat about cars and stuffi  eh… hmm tantalizing.. please do elaborate… will this be a US Canada merger…
    As for what u should do tonight.. well suga its the west coast and its a beautiful day.. HELLO hit streets!
    Thanks for the add babes!


  3. Hey, thanks for visiting me!!  :)The more the merrier, right?!  LOLYeah, aint Nicci a darling?!!  ;)Visit again!Ciao.

  4. lol well I\’m not allergic to bees.. but I still don\’t want to get stung! haha.. yeah opening my eyes to see the hammer raised was a bit intense..but it\’s all good.. got a good laugh out of it lol
    I took my media player down long ago because it was pissing me off so much heh.. seems my space loads faster now without it too..
    sorry.. no ideas on what to change your logo too.. If I think of anything.. I\’ll let ya know 😉

  5. G\’day….I was fascinated by stories about Sasquatch when I was a kid.  I think there was even a tv series that aired here in Oz for a while??
    They reckon that we have something similar here, called a Yowie.
    I did check out your real estate site the first time that I visited, so I\’ll go and have another squizz and then cast my vote!
    Good luck with it!

  6. Guess I don\’t quite qualify as Chuck Norris… but I\’ll head butt the mutha fuckers for ya if ya want dude.  No roundhouse but trust me, when I"m done with \’em they\’ll be beggin ya to stick a new song on here! 
    Anyway… just thought I would drop by and say Yo!  Hope you had a sinister weekend Toby!  When I get a chance I\’ll throw a vote yer way buddy… kinda tired and want to hit the sack…  frickin hot here in Kelowna today probably like the rest of the western hemisphere but damn… no A/C in my house.  Won\’t tell ya what state of apparell i\’m in right now writing this… cuase yer a dude… and I\’m a dude… and that ain\’t cool!   LOL! 

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