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Greeting everyone and I hope you’re having a Marvelous day. When I got home from work and checked my email there was a message from Advanced Access. That may not mean anything to you but it means tons to me. Every year Advanced Access (AA) has a contest to celebrate the top websites in 9 different categories.
  1. Best Company Website
  2. Best Homepage
  3. Best Lead Generator
  4. Best Use of a Template
  5. Best Use of a Theme
  6. Best Use of an AA Feature
  7. Most Orginal Content
  8. Most User Friendly
  9. Most Impressive

There are a lot of great website in each category and Yours truely has been nominated for two of them. Best Company Website and Most Impressive. So this is where I ask for all of your support, shameless publicity but what the hell 🙂 Our Website is, and the name on the site is Mickie Barnett, my mom 🙂 Mom You Kick ASS!! I should know because she used to kick mine 🙂

Vote For Me – Best Company Website

Vote For Me – Most Impressive

"Barnett Associates have made their company website into an all around artform." – AA Marketing

Some site history…If you have been reading my blog then you have noticed post talking about my work day and the strides which the website has made since 2002. In 2002, I first got my hands on the site and i totally f***ed it up a few times. I had to call customer support asking them to fix my mistakes…a little humbling…but I think they got used to it 😛

Over the past years the site has really taken shape. I have written all the content and made all the pages and since June 2005 we have increased our monthly hits by 10,000. If we keep pace with our traffic we should do 13,000+ plus this month. Pretty good for a little real estate website in country town.

To be fair I did nominate our website for Best Company Website but I was totally shocked to find out we where nominated for Most Impressive. On the most impressive list the site featured below ours is an agent from Illionis. He was my mentor is setting up real estate website and it a spectacular manager/agent/webmaster and his site is boombastic…but don’t vote for him…vote for me 😛

In the Photo Albumn I have posted a screen shot of our site for your convenience…hehehe…So to all my Spaces buddies I will be enterally greatful if you vote for me, shameless plug, and please leave a comment if you vote or do not vote….thanks a billion and I appreciate your support!!

Your Friend in Time,



16 thoughts on “Vote For Me…

  1. T:  Wow, you featured me???  Thanks. 
    LMAO  at your 2 comments.   I hope I didnt hurt your chances bby just visiting your site.  I\’ll tell you what, I wont even let you know if I voted or not.  I\’m too lazy to google Bruce McCaw, what does he do?
    take care and good luck with the voting.

  2. •ิ.•ั´¨¨)) •ิ.•ั¸.·´ .•ิ.•ั·´¨¨))ั((¸¸.·´ ..·´ •ิ.•ั •ิ.•ั¸¸Hi  Toby •ิ.•
    Congratulations on the nomination! That is great, though yes it is always wonderful to win.. I think it is just as fabulous to be nominated … and luv you need not ask twice you have my vote.. you have been nothing but amazing to me.. always taking a moment and dropping me some support.. so this is the least I can do…
    Good luck darlin and have a fabulous day!
    oh and what is a milklion… is it like a million (hahah sorry had to)
    (¯`v´¯)   `·.¸.·  ¸.·´¸. ·¨) (¸.·(¸.·´(¸¸.·´♡♥nicci♥♡


  3. Hey bud.  I got the last of the pics Tuesday night.  I haven\’t had time to uplaod them because of my Tuesday and Wednesday night softball games.  So I\’ll upload them tonight.  We met a really nice guy who sent us most of the pics he took from his $$ camera.  The pics I took were from a disposable, so for the most parrt they look like little dots.  The static display pics from the disposable turned out really cool though.  I love the one of the F-22.
    Check back tonight and they\’ll be up.

  4. Yay!! They are up.  In some of the shots you can even see the shockwave from the afterburners!!  That is rare for daytime photos!

  5. We have mountains in Oz but not good ones. Where I live it never snows so I have never seen or touched it. You can have the cold weather it sucks. Not only that when it\’s cold my chocolate goes hard and I don\’t like it hard. Don\’t be thinking dirty with that line mate! Anyway my go hard or go home quote applies to most things but not chocolate! Soft is definately better!!

  6. Oh I\’ll vote at some stage but just blog hopping at moment but I will do it. Have a good weekend. I\’m just popping into genjlc space to check out the pics I assume they are of drag cars!! Hope so.

  7. Ok pal,
       Done and done! heh heh heh… I didn\’t even bother to look at your webpage, I trust you it kicks ass…
    GO HAWKS!!!!

  8. •ิ.•ั´¨¨)) •ิ.•ั¸.·´ .•ิ.•ั·´¨¨))ั((¸¸.·´ ..·´ •ิ.•ั •ิ.•ั¸¸Hi Toby•ิ.•
    Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all ur support of Sexy of Spaces….. and to give closure…the site has closed.

    ♥Nicci♥sexy VPTime 2 Show ♥ & Sign up for Spacers Appreciation Week!

  9. Toby, I wanted to come by and say Thank you for all the love and support and prayers for my mom, its so appreciated.
    As for the seahawks fan, had Ben hit him, you guys would be minus a player come football season…..LOL!
    Thank you again…Love and hugs~~Boobie~~

  10. Toby,
    Damn Yes it\’s been beautiful weather…huh?
    Today in the 90\’s!
    I don\’t know if I will be ables to stand that!
    Oh" and I voted for ya in both categories.
    YAY! good luck.
    Big Time Hugs.

  11. •ิ.•ั´¨¨)) •ิ.•ั¸.·´ .•ิ.•ั·´¨¨))ั((¸¸.·´ ..·´ •ิ.•ั •ิ.•ั¸¸Hi Toby•ิ.•
    Bitchola eh.. nice thanks.. glad u luv me so much .. lol .. anyways.. np on the vote how could i not support my fellow car fanatic…
    as for the link.. umm love see those 3 underlined words right there click it! tee heee.. ttfn off to the beach

    ♥Nicci♥Time 2 Show ♥ & Sign up for Spacers Appreciation Week!!C1A52234B1BA5D8!897.entry

  12. Hey hunneh!!! I already voted, jus thought id swing by and give you a big fat wet one… *puckers up* MWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAH
    lata ~
    Tarah xxoo

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