First and for most…

First and for most I would like to extend my eternal thanks to all my Spaces friends that have vote for my real estate website. It means so much to me that everyone came together for my punk ass and took time out of their day to cast some votes.
The payout when winning such a contest, as us Spacers know, is free traffic. Winning a national contest for the best real estate company website can bring us a lot of recognition and free publicity for a year. But it also helps validate than I am doing a good job and I just might know what I am doing.
I am ever indentured too:
Tarah – My first vote (via messenger)
MegaBrad Seahawk Super Fan
Blue – You’re My Girl Blue
Jolie Mae – amendment…sry babe 😉
If I have missed anyone I deaply apologize and let me know and I will add your name to the list.
Tonight a buddy hanging at my place and we are totally geekin out. He brought his labtop and he is chattin with friends while we chat. My buddy, Mike, leaves for Saudi Arabi at the end of the week. He is isn’t military but he will be training military personel on helicopter mantainance. I am excited for him to take on such a journey but scared at the same time because I want him to return safely, you know what I mean. I love adventure and would hate to have someone be hurt pursing an adventure even though I am not scared to be injured.
Mike and I met when we were in seventh grade in home room but he moved to Alaska after that year. I didn’t see him again until our senior year but shortly after he left back to Alaska. Over the years we have stayed in contact and have become great friends. When I was working at Starbucks he called me from the Bairing Straight while he was working for Columbia Helicopters as an a AMP mechanic.
So it is pretty cool for me to spend this time with my good friend. We are geeking out and chatting to each other while we b-bop around the net. Back in high school neither of us would have ever thought that we would like or spend so much time on a pc.
True friendship is hard to come by and I classify my Spaces friends in that category. I have the best friends on the planet and if anyone has a problem with that I knock you out!! hhehehe, jk, not really 😛
This time of my life could be the best time in my life. All the friends I have met, the accomplishments I have done and the experiences I look forward to having.
Your Friend In Time,

5 thoughts on “First and for most…

  1. •ิ.•ั´¨¨)) •ิ.•ั¸.·´ .•ิ.•ั·´¨¨))ั((¸¸.·´ ..·´ •ิ.•ัHey Toby…..look I popped ur cherry too…
    Thanks for the shout out luv, though it was my pleasure to support u in ur nomination…
    Ahh friends.. the ones who we move through life with though not always at eachothers sides.. yet no matter where they are .. we always feel they are with distance to long, no time gap unbridgeable… no judgement just support… the ones we cant even imagine our worlds without…
       (\\…/) (\\…/)                                 (\\…/)  (\\…/)    ( *.*) (\’.\’= )   Happy Canada Day (\’*.*)  (\’.\’= )  (")_(")  (")_(")    From Me to U       (")_(")  (")_(")

    Friends are like shoes You can never have too many yet friends are like watches One can be plentyFriends are like the Army To serve and to protect But they are also like the Navy To whom we all respect Friends are like big dogs Loyal, fun, and true And friends are like padded bras They\’re very supportive of you Friends are like chocolate bars Good for the healing and sweet Friends are like Halloween candy A rare and special treat Friends are like binoculars To help keep your goals in sight Friends are also like candles When it\’s dark they give you light Friends are like erasers They\’re there for your mistakes
    Friends are like cereal They\’re more then good their great! © By Kasey M. Swing

  2. Just came by to say Happy Humpday..  Ive posted an interesting little game.. swing by and see how well you do! : )
    Have Fun 😉
    hugs & twisted kisses…
    ps.. dont forget Spaces Appreciation Week starts Monday

  3. Another Gemini, love today\’s reading, maybe that means I\’ll get a job! LOL  Thanks for stoping in.  In regards to the spitting in spitoons….I\’ve been learning some interesting things since I channel locked the cartoons.  Now my kids have been watching Animal Planet, Discovery, and TLC. 

  4. Good luck again.  i had someone else press the submit button on my pc, that should break the jinx.
    Of course that was a large beer mug.  I needed alcohol to take away the pain, and i couldnt get up because of the cast on my leg, so the bigger the mug, the better.

  5. Hey Mr. Hot Bod
    I voted for you of course.
    Sorry I took so long but I\’ve been so busy.
    Do I get something for voting for you…?
    Like maybe a free trip to touch Toby\’s Abs..?
    Good luck 😉

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