Friday I took off work early…

Friday I took off work early and headed home because holiday traffic was a mess. I got home in time to listen to my favorite radio program, The Men’s Room on KISW 99.9fm. Part of their program poses questions to viewers and viewers call or e-mail in with their responses. Being Friday before the Holiday it was fitting that The Men’s Room question was "What is the best thing you like about America?"
The answers were coming so more good and some where off the wall. But it leads me to my comment which I e-mailed in.
Hola Bticholas!!
The best thing I like about living in America is our personal Freedom. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press and Freedom from Persecution. There are a lot of people in our country that will complain and criticize American policy and our government actions but have those people ever thought what gave them the freedom to make such statements or acusations? In other countries people die or disappear if they talk bad or disagree with the governing power. Our Freedom gives citizens more Freedoms than they actually realize. Our system many not be perfect but its the best in the world and to me that is saying something.
It is what gives us the right to blog on whatever, however we want (besides putting nudies on here) without the fear of a reprisal. I’ll save my Independence Day post for the 4th. The Men’s Room reads comments over the air and wouldn’t ya know…mine was read over the air at the end of their show and Steve "The Thrill" Hill gave me a "Well Said" and Thee Ted Smith gave me a "hellz Yea". Yea Buddy!!
I raised my arms in celebration and it gave me the willies. Don’t ask me why but it gave me a great feeling for me to actually have my vioce heard. I conveniently threw some politics in there that I feel most people forget about.
I am still reading "The First Scientific American, Benjamin Franklin and the Pursuit of Genius" and fittingly enough I just got into the year 1776 and how Franklin used his fame as a natural philosopher to influence and have soverign countries to recognize the Declaration of Independence and America as a soverign nation. As our country approaches its Independence Day, I am reading about in a book. Its a cool coincidence if I don’t say so myself.
I love this country thick and through. Everytime I hear the Star Spangled Banner I get all choked up and chills run througn my body. It is amazing how this country was formed and what events lead to America’s formation.
Well I am off to do some other work to my Space. Peace out and lai-tro.

11 thoughts on “Friday I took off work early…

  1. Hi i just stopped by your site from the Best of MSN Spaces archive.  I really like it.  I was rooting for the Seahawks in the Superbowl…I know that was a while ago but I saw that\’s what this site was listed about being about in the archives.  Anywho i really like you site.  Feel free to stop by mine if you want.

  2. Hey you got a good wrap from the judges hey. Good luck and thanxs for the mention so sweet. Pretty cool being on the radio hey my hubby was on not long ago to but for stuffing 25 marshmellows in his mouth. Did they read the last bit out NFL beer rock grils lol

  3. Hi Toby.
    How are you?
    I will close my space soon, but I will still come back to yours. Thank you so much for coming to my space and leaving me so many comments before.
    Take care.

  4. I don\’t know bout the NFL part of that trio.  I\’m still bummed out bout the Hawks getting robbed last Febuary.
    I voted for your sites a couple of days ago.  I don\’t do much computer work at home cause I\’ve just spent 9 hours staring at a screen at work.  Not only that but just about every even remotely interesting web site is filtered, including all real estate sites.

  5. Hey hows it going???
    Just got ur comment on my space….
    Stephanie (stifla) xoxo

    Dropping in for Tarahs " Spaces Appreciation Week "
    Pride in your country is a given. I\’m from Canada, and the same goes for me.
    I don\’t agree with some of your presidents policies, but the same goes for the leader of this country.
    You have got to back the military , where ever you are from, as they are your last defence against invasion and terror threats.
    Have a great week

  7. Spreading the spaces loce worldwide thanks to Tarah.  I\’m gonna jet around and explore this place some more.  Take care and have a great Spaces Appreciation week.

  8. Hey man, happy 4th of July!
    Yeah I enjoy watcing girls in bikini too…but it\’s not like they\’ll go to my bed and spread their legs. lol But yeah, I\’m looking forward to end the summer!

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