Happy Independence Day, July 4, 2006

Last night Rudy came over to watch the fire works from my apartment. From my apartment we could see the Seattle Center’s, Gas Works Park’s, Bellevue’s, Madina’s and Kirkland’s firework display all at the same time. It was wild and very very colorful. The sky was lit up like a Xmas tree with the 5 different displays and the best part about it was it was free :P.
But before all the displays Rudy and I just hung out here while I Appreciated some Spacers and he played PS2. We chatted up a storm about a whole lotta nada but a few good things here and there. Since neither of us had s*** to do it was just right. His gf is New York right now, she watched the New York display from a party on a roof top in Brooklyn, trying out for some commercials. She gets back on Sunday and Rudy and I are really rooting for her. It would be so cool to know another person from TV. I know a weather guy on our local station, that is pretty sweet.
More about the 4th…hmmmm…I finally read the Declaration of Indpendence from start to finish. What a great document and its no surprise that it has been called one of the most important documents is human history. It is truely and art work but the verbage is a tad difficult to read. Totally different than the type of English I grew up on. And the all "S" look like a cursive "f". It took me a bit to figure that out.
I re added my Patriotic Photo Albumn but I am sorry to say that I have placed any new ones in for some time. There are some specatcular images floating around the net of the United States and for s***s and giggles here are some search terms that produce some good ones

Updated: July 7, 2006

Image of the Day provided by NASA, Resident Bald Eagles


If I could be any animal it would be a Bald Eagle. They kick ass, heck they would kick my ass. Standing roughly 4 feet tall with a 6 foot wings space and tallons that 4 inches long they virtually have no predators, unless you count man.

It would be so cool to be able to fly around and to look so noble doing it. I have see a lot of them in wild but one time stand out more than another others. I was 16 and was walking in the mountains on the Eastern slope of the Cascades when all of a sudden here she came. Flying through the valley about 25 feet from me she came soaring by in graceful flight. It was just amazing and it was totally one of those times where you are rooted in place.

I couldnt move, just watch. A perfect experience and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.


21 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day, July 4, 2006

    Jolie Mae coming at you from The Animals Voice on behalf of this space and my other one Sweet Miss Mae (http://Yell-Elske-Di.spaces.msn.com/)
    Happy Independence day to you Mr. Hot Bod!
    I hope you dont mind me calling you that cuz it seems it has stuck! HaHa 😉
    Ciao for now…
    Jolie Mae~

  2. Happy Independence day…and Happy spacers appreciation!  The picture of the Eagle is amazing!  Your picture tribute to America is also wonderful.  I love digital imagery…i\’m learning more about photos and manipulation.  
    Thanks for coming by and leavin a note…I leave you a picture…enjoy

    oh my! you\’ve got alot going on with ur page…alot of history stuff. i never like dhistory in school. don\’t really know why…oh well


  4. Hey Toby baby.. : )
    Just comin by to give you some love and appreciation..
    after all we became friends after a spaces appreciation event : )
    Im glad i was partnered up with ya.. because we have been quite a pair since.. for that I am thankful.. you rock toby..
    Happy Spaces Appreciation Week
    hugs & kisses

  5. lol I dunno about that.. my ass and boobs are already on my site.. can\’t reveal much more than that 😉 heh

  6. C\’mere Toby and let me give you some sugar…
    It\’s spaces appreciation week… and I\’m out showing my love.  Space looks awesome toby!  Keep it up!!!

  7. Hi, Happy Spaces Appreciation,
    Yes I do remember us visiting each other, must be long ago now but I\’m glad to be back here seeing you too.
    Yes I made the tag at the top of my space, I didn\’t paint the actual fairy and moon, this I found in a graphics site, it was not so pretty, was purple colors, I changed it to match my space and and then added my own designs to it, as most do with tags I guess. 
    So oh my god this gemini horoscope is freaking me out! I never read them, but tonight I just read this and its exactly what was happening in my life today, I was telling myself i need to make an important final decsion about someone and them stick to it and then later I was telling someone I don\’t feel I\’m capable of making a real longterm commitment right now. Hmm facing the music could get tough, wish me luck;-)

    Happy 4th of July too, hope you had a great time celebrating and hope to catch up with you again soon.

    (¯`v´¯)`*.¸.*´¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ Nikki xo¸¸.•¨¯`•

  8. Awe, voting wasnt a problem at all!!  :)Thanks for the mention!  ;)Happy Spaces Appreciation Week right back @ ya!!  HugsHave a great day!!  :)TTYLJen

  9. Yup..you can eat my reece\’s…long as you promise to lick my peanut butter cups first!! =) lmao!
    Have a wonderful day and thanx for stopping in, do it again 🙂
    bye bye hun

  10. Thanks so muh for the kind comment, and a happy spaces appreciation week to you also sir!
    Yeah i got crazy shit going on… in reference to the bungie-jump pic i suppose that can be taken both figuratively and literally LOL.
    Cheers my friend.

  11. Hey there…
    Thanks for your participation in spaces appreciation Week.. and for those who havent been around yet, I hope to see ya\’s soon…
    come snag your thank you gifts in my current photo album : )
    hugs & kisses

  12. Hi Toby,
    Dropping in via\’s Tarah\’s appreciation week.
    Here a lil something for ya and Happy belated 4th of july.

    Have a great weekend.
    Caroline 😀

  13. hey man…
    happy late fourth of july!!
    and happy appreciation week!!
    lol not that that is out of the way I want to thank you for stopping by my space and commenting! its highly appreciated, I\’m really glad that you liked my space and more importantly my poetry!!
    and yeah I won\’t stop writing for a long while!
    PLease don\’t be shy and continue to come by my space! and I\’ll do the same.
    one last thing I want to know where it was that you got to read the Declaration of Indpendence? that I found a bit weird!
    talk to you soon!

  14. Hi Toby,
    What a great blog.Bald eagles are the best you are right. Here in Canada they are a protected species and no one is allowed to hunt or kill them. We have 2 of them in the area where we camp and I love seeing them every year. I just came in for space\’s appreciation week. Here\’s a little gift for you. Hope you like it.


  15. •ิ.•ั´¨¨)) •ิ.•ั¸.·´ .•ิ.•ั·´¨¨))ั((¸¸.·´ ..·´ •ิ.•ัToby Darlin, how are u …
    I say to you luv a belated Happy 4th… sorry .. but I am sure you had a fabulous day…as your blog so shares.. one filled with friends…. would i expect anything less from you.. hell no..
    hmm 5 displays at once eh.. that would be fabulous! the 4th is infact both my personal anniversary and my work anniversary.. yup thats 16 years with spouse and 5 years at my job.. sigh .. independance lost on independance day.. hahaahah
    You know Toby, I stumbled across you through Tarahs Space and my part at SOS and well to be honest… you have been one of my best trip and falls… I so adore chatting with you, I dig ur insight to the world around you, I find your book of life to be very interesting and as we both know  you have taken me by suprise in a few of the things we have shared… all of which I adore… you are a refreshing person to have in my day to day… and i hope that this will continue…
    Thanks Toby for letting the dragonesse inside the mind of a jack of all trades.. and for letting me see some of ur inner most thoughts…

     (\\…/)      Happy    (\\…/)     ( *.*)     Spacers   (\’.\’= )      (")_(") Appreciation (")_(")  

  16. Goingbigger,
    I\’m right behind you @ Top100.
    Happy SAW.
    Can\’t be messing with thos eagles unless your a Native American.
    Kikland eh, I belong to an adult web site, nice tatooed lady in the city.
    Peace, Love, Hippie Stuff,
    Wayward Bill

  17. Hi Toby! Great independance day, well little late, but we also have national day in Québec on 24 June and Canada\’s say on July 1, 2 weeks of party 🙂
    Have a nice summer!
    Take care big, see later.

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