WTF is up my n****s. You might be like "Toby, you can’t say that". Why not? Because I’m white? F*** that…I will say what I want plus when your not saying it derogitory it’s pretty cool slang. Anyhoo moving on.
Brian, mustang buddy, dropped off his new bumper covers, Cobra wing and his stock GT side skirts to our friends paint shop the other day. Yea Buddy!! The car will be going in for the rest of the paint work in the two weeks. The 5.0 is going to look so slick. There is nothing crazy going on with the paint scheme or the new body parts.
He is adding on factory 93 Cobra front and rear bumper covers, and the Cobra wing while keeping his stock GT side skirts. It will be the first one I have seen with this setup and he will keep all his factory GT badging. The paint scheme is going to be kept the factory 2 tone, maroon and grey skirting.
We’ll I have been doing some shopping for the truck. I thinkg the first purchase is going to be a intercooled supercharger kit from ProCharger. I found a truck that is very close to my truck on their website, 2001 ProCharged Chev. That is a factory motor running 8-9psi making 372.1 rwhp after the blower.
I am getting excited to start ripping apart this truck and making it a mean ass machine!! Woopah Wooopah
I am letting my buddy Rudy borrow the truck for a week while him and his girl go to Ocean Shores and have some quality time. She gets back from New York tonight and she did well in her tv commercial auditions. I hope he has a great time and I am glad he is taking the truck. It should be a little treat 🙂 That’s what friends are for, right?
Here is a toast I heard on the radio and it goes a little something like this:
We take this drink
Because we think it is yummy
Open the mouth
Around the tongue
To party
In our Tummy
Down the hola Bticholas!
Curtiousy of the Men’s Room.

24 thoughts on “WTF…

  1. "WTF is up my n****s. You might be like "Toby, you can\’t say that". Why not? Because I\’m white? F*** that…I will say what I want plus when your not saying it derogitory it\’s pretty cool slang. Anyhoo moving on."
    OMG Toby…~lol~
    You think thats bad…you should hear the things that come out of my mouth…hahaha
    Later Mr. Hot Bod! =)

  2. Thanks for Dropping by 🙂
    It must be tough to catch the games on the west-siiiiiede 😛
    I\’ve fully enjoyed your space. I do have a suggestion that can really make you different from the rest of the real estate sites…make your site into a Flash site. It makes it more interactive – well organized – and it looks sharp. Look into it. I\’ve already got tons of idea brewing for ya if your ever interested 😀
    I\’m in Advertising so I have a nack for this kinda stuff

  3. ι αм ѕℓσωℓу яєтυяиιиg fяσм му нιαтυѕ,
    тнαик υ fσя υя ѕωєєт ¢σммєит…gσ∂ вℓєѕѕ уσυ 🙂
    —–3<3 ————<3<3———–<3<3<3<3——<3<3<3<3—–<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3—-<3<3<<3<3<<3<3<3<3<3—–<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3———–<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<—————<3<3<3<3<3<3———————<3<3<3<3<————————–<3<3<3——————————–<3——————
    x0x0 Ç ö r ö ñ å  G µ r l

  4. Hey there,

    I came across your space and I
    must say that ur space is absolutely amazing.
    Your space really makes people very happy.
    Keep up the amazing work and best wishes to ur space.

    nice going,

    Dark Knight United

    A lil extra love and appreciation from me to you!

    If the link doesnt work try again later as I\’ve been having off and on problems with my filelodge account. Save it to your pc as I wont be hosting it forever.

  6. fuck the stars nigga.. just say it.. we can fuckin handle it!! MSN fuckers may not but your viewers sure as fuck can!! : )
    hehehehe have a good night honneh
    hugs & kisses

  7. Oh no you have the truck disease too!!! my b/f is now trying to lower his truck with air ride suspension~ he\’s totally obsessed!!
    Thanks for ur spaces appreciation comments!!

  8. Hello Toby ~ What Up My nigga??.. i failed ta read this blog on my las visit and il be right honest i do that alot… this time i read a blog and it happened to be yours and i so right agree what up with that? we cant talk that slang.. says who? .. OMG that soo reminds me of Rush Hour.. hav u seen it its right ancient.. with jackie and chris rock??? ring any>>?? .. jackie chan goes walkn in the bar and says what up my niggah? the bar guy went postal jackie went jackie oh ya yup! too funny so ya fergot what iw as gonna say OooOOOh RIGHT! yes the parta the boy in the castle… on that song.. i hadta drive ova here and tell ya that is also ona my fave partsa the song.. so ya too cool Homie LOL …. sooo umm ya the song is right old.. but in my top 10 faves as far as powerful is involved… a lil diff and odd for me.. but the song worX.. sooo them trux! 1st up thats right cool how u put the words in the blog like that and i clicked them and seen pics.. very einsteinish like it… ur gona love ur truck and i am also a truck lova!! i gotta car  and a truck … both brand new… both custom and pimped right out… i hate (using the word HATE) the car… its flukking sporty and Ho HOT! but its a car… and that is the problem.. My Big ASS Truck… Ahhh mmm lov  my trucks..its gota 6 inch lift already.. i jus want even BIGGER tires.. oh man te web has awesome sites.. for ordering toys for ur toys… *yawns.. p.s. jus woke up hope this makes a LIL bita sense dear toby… mmk.. its showa time=) hava lovely day and good luck with ur pick up OH and keep me posted on what ur gonna do to it
    umm hmm
    OH! I got it
    Holla atcha lata!

  9. Hi dude!
    Seem nice plan go on :)So what\’s new?
    Give me somes news, have a nice summer!Chaow @+ take care, Mike.

  10. (\\…/)      Happy       ( *.*)     Spacers      (")_(") Appreciation
    Sorry for being so late. You have a great space keep up the great work. Hope ur having a great summer so far. Take care & thanks for stopping in.

  11. hey there just a random here
    having a look around have to say
    the song playing is amazing loved it
    have a great day

  12. Hey there stranger,
    Sounds like you\’ve been having a good summer.  I\’m so jealous that you got to see all the fireworks over Lake Union and Lake Washington.  That\’s the one thing I miss is getting in my brother-in-law\’s boat and heading to Lake Washington for a day of playing in the water and watching the fireworks at night. 
    You know you need to take me for a ride in your truck when I get back to the States.  I\’m definitely a truck girl!  Anyways, I haven\’t been here in a while so I wanted to come say hi!
    Have a good one my fuckin\’ nigga 😉 

  13. Hi T:  just droppin by to see what sup.  Enjoy that truck.  I\’ll never remember the words for that toast, but I\’ll have a beer anyways.

  14. First off all there is ALWAYS a way my friend 🙂
    What you can ultimately do is have your main page and have a HUGE flash button so that people can access off of your main page
    is that possible?

  15. wassup my nigga?
    TOBY!! OMFG!!! u soooo guessed Right MY Female Guitarist Logo!!!??? YES!!! it is indeed a Metallica symbol!!!
    ((((Master of Puppets)))
    2 be exact!! Good JOB!!
    do u wana know sumthn??….
    YOU ROCK!!!

  16. I know I\’m late but Tarahs appreciation week is turning out to be Appreciation MONTH and I\’m still wandering around the spaces network and checking all the amazing, different spaces on the list.
    Youve got some great science & space links there and you wear your seahawks  colors proudly  ( Pitty about SB – boobie said to say that LOL)
    A great space, easy to read and informative.
    I enjoyed my visit

  17. I love the toast!  I\’m going to three bachelorette partise in August and I promise to toast to you because you are the reason I know a fun toast now! 🙂

    Just taking a minute to show you a lil love and appreciation. With all the spaces out there today its hard to get a new one off the ground. I want you to know that I truly appreciate each and every visit and comment! Here is a lil something for you that I am giving to all my visiters to show my appreciation.

    Hopefully the link works! =D

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