I am shaking…

I am shaking right now. Tonight at 6:20pm I received an email which made scared to read. It was like the time I received my acceptance letter to University of Washington. The email was from my real estate web hosting company, Advanced Access, an you all made the verdict possible. Barnett Associates Real Estate has won the 2006 Best Company Website Award in the Advanced Access network of clients.
2006 Advanced Access Most Impressive Website Contest Winners
Look for the very first category 🙂 Best Company Website. Having a client list over 35K makes it a formidable accomplishment for our little homegrown business. On my evil side <evil grin> we beat out a Century 21 and Coldwell Banker website, not bad for a Maysville Real Estate office 🙂
A lot friends turned out to show their support and like I said early, "I am eternally grateful".
My heart is racing and I am in awe of this. You know it was a goal for us to win this award and I did feel really confident but never did my doubt disappear. So it was quit a shock and surprise when I read the email tonight. My dad was with me tonight whent he email came in ( I made fajitas). I just briefly check my email and scrolled down and seen it titled, Advanced Access July 2006 Newsletter. I jumped up down, punched dad in the arm and did some Rocky Balboa jabs and went crazy for a bit…It was truely a shock.
Then I called Mom and then Bryan, my brother, to share in the celebration. My brother told me he was really proud of what I have done for the company and I have done a great job. Thanks Bryan, that means so much to me that words can’t express how it feels.
If you have ever had an older brother or even sibling you know exactly what I am talking about. I have to get off this subject before I start cry’n.
Even though we won tonight this is something that last forever. We won the 2006 Best Company Website and no one can say differ or argue that fact. From a company, PR, marketing prospective this something that businesses love. Especially when it comes from accredited source. I happy for the same reason GM would be happy to get the JD Power Associates Award. 
Again I want to thank everyone who voted and visits me!!   
Your Friend in Time,

8 thoughts on “I am shaking…

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  2. Wow that sounds great, seem like you acheive a great accomplishment!
    Felicitation for your price and efforts! Not enjoy the summer fully have it\’s advantage lol.
    Well we never really chat, it\’s more like visit blog and differate conversation, but if you want to chat sometimes and argue on some interesting subject, a french canadian opinion would sound like different 😉 As an american office manager would do for me.
    So add me on MSN if you want would be great to chat, if I don\’t have too much french girls that chat with me, I may be ok lol!
    Take care Bro, see later.

  3. keep trying to comment
    but my phone keeps ringing still yapp\’n… AHH!
    hadta say sumthn .. so sumthn

  4. WooHoo!
    Congrats Mr. Hot Bod!
    Hows "The Flapper" doing?
    She\’s just swell over here…~lmao~ =P

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