Is WWWIII on its way?

Is WWWIII on its way? That is the question that I have been thinking and talking over the past week with friends. The middle east has been a volitile region for a few thousand years. That is a seriously long time but the sad thing is that region has experienence only brief periods of calm. In another part of the world things are starting to heat up and tensions rise, North Korea.
Israel has started a counter offensive against two countries, Palestian and Lebanon and more spefically the militants groups within those borders. Both these recent actions were stemmed from Hamas & Hezbollah militants raiding and kidnapping Isreali soldiers. Hamas and Hezbollah have waged war against the Israeli border cities for along time now and casualties on both sides are constant.
At first sight these might look like isolated actions between 3 countries but I assure you that is not the case which causes me to think that this conflict may escalate. These militant groups have backing from other countries, Syria and Iran. If Israel starts to take more actions to neighboring countries, Syria, Iran will wage war against Israel but in today’s news Israel has said it won’t attack Syria or Iran, read full article.
Iran has also said it plans to stay out of the current conflicts with Israel. The international community is calling for a cease fire but the details of the cease vary from country to country. This situation is riding a very fine line and we can’t forget about all the current conflicts happening around the area, US efforts in Iraq, Iran and its defient position against nuclear poliferation and my next main point, North Korea.
The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, has been play the nuke card for some time now. N. Korea’s arguement is that they have to build up their military and defense against an invasion from the United States. Another part of his arguement is that he will continue to build weapons until he gets unilateral talks with the US and more aid.
This looks more like black mail to me. One individual is saying he going to do something until he gets something in return.
Kim Jong Il has test fired missiles, which crapped out and fell into the Sea of Japan, which have the possibility to reach the United States. Japan is really not happy about these test and neither is the US and who came blame the leaders of these two countries. There is a defiant communist leader who tests missiles and who is developing nuclear weapons for protection? I highly doubt it.
Japan has said if North Korea tests more missiles then they will consider it an act of war and will take appropiate actions. Does that mean war? Sort of sounds like it. North Korea has said if the UN imposses sanctions against it then they will consider that an act of war.
So North Korea wants free aid and nuke technology but doesn’t want to listen to international reason and stop playing games.
On two different parts of the globe there are tirants aiming to dislodge the peace. If this events escalate into a major conflicts then the world has alot to handle. Some of these countries have threaten nukes in off hand manner and who will be the first to use them? Who will be the last left stand? And who ever is left what are they going with all the environmental cleanup?
I really don’t like the sound of all this. It sounds like a nuclear holacost and its a senerio that does promote the warm a fuzzy feelings I tend to enjoy. War and violence are out dated and have no place in the modern global environment. Hopefully I am completely wrong and this will just be a waste of internet space.

8 thoughts on “Is WWWIII on its way?

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  2. LOL………Your LV comment cracked me up.  I did vote, do you think the curse is broken?  Maybe it just applies to sporting events.

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