MSN is still on my nerves…

MSN is still on my nerves about the URL changes. I have been watching my search engine traffic over the past 2 months to see if it would pic back up and return to its earlier numbers. But newp, nothing of the sorts has happened. Before the URL change my Space had a google Page Rank of 4. Now it is big fat Zero and that does not make me happy at all.
Doesn’t MSN realize what these changes can do for a webpage? Evidently not. When the URL changes Google can now precieve these new web addresses as new website, that is what they are, and concider them "dup or duplicate" content and ban or not give the website the attention they normally would have. And that just plain sucks.
It seems that this is what might have happened to my Space. I would like to know what others have noticed since the URL change by MSN. Has your search engine hits fallen completely off? Do you have a page rank of zero like me? Let me know because it could really help me asses the issues and hopefully try and help rectify the problem and get things back to normal.
I have been using ping servers to help and it was my original thought that everything would be normal shortly after the URL change…boy was I wrong on that one. So let me know your thoughts on this…anyhoo hope all is well on this friday night…it is smoking hot here but I have my ac on and its 77 degrees in my apartment…anyhoo…
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4 thoughts on “MSN is still on my nerves…

  1. I think msn is on everyones nerves. I hate how the changes screw everything up. Most spaces just freeze up on me and I cant click on any links on a space without it freezing up on me as well. Not to mention my hits are at an all time low! In a good week I would usually get 1500-2000 hits. This week I\’ve only had 200! My comments have gone way down too!

  2. .· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-¸.·´ .·´¨¨))(¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-Hola   Toby darlin
    Just taking a moment to return the recent warmth of your comments left at the lair, so many dont realize how just a hello.. can be the one thing needed to make a day better… I appreciate each and every comment left, especially since my space is such a slow load and so many are having such issues these days…. so in that alone, I thank you for your time, patience and kindness…♥ ♥
    It seems that many are having an issue with many at thing at spaces… I am not sure waht to say on any of them… for the slow loads, i dont suffer from.. maybe cause i dump my cookies and temp files daily…and i have a new system with a fast connection…the url changes, well yes the stats have fallen, but now i feel they are acutally closer to the actual number of true hits we get, i could be wrong, but i find more often my hits are now closer to my comments then before.. however not sure on the google front cause i never really cared that way..
    I hope that in all for every person with issues that they are infact taking the time (i am sure u have) to contact msn..
    Now as for chit chat.. babes.. anytime u wanna chit chat my bell!!!
    Come on by and share ur

    ☺ Wackiest Space You Ever Came Across☺



  3. Hey Toby,
       MSN f*cking sucks azz. Everyone is having problems, so yeah, it\’s not just you. My rank in EVERYTHING went tits up. Glad I don\’t take my page too serious… Hahahahaha!!
    Yeah, checked out the "power rankings" for the Hawks like you said…sweet… I\’m getting psyched.
    This freakin heat is killing me, man. What was it? 95 today???? What the hell!!!

  4. Love your space…lots of info up in here! I don\’t even want to think about people probably work there! anyhoo, glad you are keeping cool and I truly enjoyed your world here!

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