Have you ever had a…

Have you ever experienced a twilight zone type event during the day? I am kind of having one this evening. I just online to see my Space and I looked at my horoscope it is says, "Now that the planetary shifts of the past few weeks are over, you are left alone with your questions, your illusions…" and I was like wow because I am watching a metorite special on the History Channel. I was thinking, "Must be my lucky day, sweet".
I have been getting back into the stars since Spring time. A few times this Spring and Summer I have gone to my roof with my binoculars and look into the heaven, (tv back on, ok back from commerical. It was so relaxing and I forgot how relaxing it is just look at them. A couple girl friends I had enjoyed it as well. We go to the top of Mt Pilchuck on the Mountain Loop Highway and star into the Universe in the darkess night. If you get a chance go and see because it truely a wonder.
So now I am watching this show and thinking about space stuff. Did you know that only 2% of our sky is watched during the day for NEOs, Near Earth Objects? Not much considering how big space is and how much we don’t know about. We know more about how the Universe was created then what could be flying our way right now. A few movies have been made on this topic but Bruce Willis is going to go blow it up. The movie kicked ass and I love the thought of roaming around on metorite with a 6 wheel bad ass truck packing a 50 cal. machine gun. I remember the Shoemaker-Levy comet broke apart and slammed into Jupitor. It was awesome!! You could see the comet in the night sky but the impact wasnt visiible from my location.
This has been a hobbie of mine for a bit, the first thing I nerded out on. On July 4, 2005, I watched the NASA probe slam into a comet, Deep Impact a closer look inside a comet, and that was a "brilliant in color" and was brighter than anything I have seen in the night sky. Space is a great vast place with a lot of mysteries. But it surprises me that world leaders don’t give the importance their space programs. We still have them but I would love to see what we could accomplish if we put more attentions to this area.
Oh I also most forgot, I watched the movie Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks while I worked on the real estate site, so is this a twilight zone event? I think so…brb…show is back on.
These metorites give us so much information regarding the building blocks of life and the creation of life on earth. The Seeding Theory says that a comet or metorite for a far off place carried the substance to generate complex sugar and amino acids. I think it is highly probable that is this is the right answer.
So if these rocks are roaming Space just waiting to colide with the Earth it could dramatically change life on our planet. It seems that some world leaders arent thinking that way and thye continue to try and war each other of parcials of land. To me there are more important things to worry then what my neighbor thinks and does because nothing is worth fighting for, unless the prick has his stereo up way to loud on a work nigt 🙂 that could desrve a beat down, hahaha
Can we all just get along? Ahhahaha…well that is all for me…peace out…going to watch stuff on the cival war. Yes, nerd out some more.

9 thoughts on “Have you ever had a…

  1. LOL  Space is very cool!!  And I LOVE the History channel. 
    We didn\’t have it till last week cause we just had basic basic cable.  The kind of connection they won\’t even tell you about, you have to ask for it.  The only prob with that was that we only got to see the HAWKS when they were on national television.  So we upgraded to get a sports package.  Now were guranteed to get at least 10 of the games.  I\’m hoping that the rest will be on national TV.
    Just about 2 weeks till football season!!  The wound that the refs inflicted into my heart is still bleeding.  If the HAWKS get f****d like that again I will have to give up on the NFL.  I don\’t mind being outplayed.  But to outplay your opponent and have the officials hand the game to the other team anyway, is more than I can take.
    I am also a total Civil War geek.  genjlc is actually a civil war refrence.  I\’ll leave it to you to figure it out!!  🙂

  2. __-___________________/\\_      / `—___________—-_____|] = = = = =  = D      /_==o;;;;;;;;_______.:/      ), —.(_(__) /     // (..) ), —-"    //___//   //___//  //___//   BANG BANG !!!YOU HAVE BEEN SHOT BY THE FRIENDSHIP GUN NOW U HAVE TOSHOOT SOME  PEOPLE YOU THINK ARE SEXY & FRIENDLY!! IF YOU GET SHOTMORE THAN ONCE YOU KNOW YOU ARE HOTT!!
    Big Time Hugs…

  3. Hey Baby,
    Hope all is well wit ya!,
    __-___________________/\\_      / `—___________—-_____|] = = = = =  = D      /_==o;;;;;;;;_______.:/      ), —.(_(__) /     // (..) ), —-"    //___//   //___//  //___//   BANG BANG !!!YOU HAVE BEEN SHOT BY THE FRIENDSHIP GUN NOW U HAVE TOSHOOT SOME  PEOPLE YOU THINK ARE SEXY & FRIENDLY!! IF YOU GET SHOTMORE THAN ONCE YOU KNOW YOU ARE HOTT!!

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  5. hi, this is makiya from china .
    i\’m intested in  horoscope and something about space ,but in china
    ppl prefer FENG SHUI , the feng shui chart determines the best direction for the flower arrangement , fresh flowers are placed in water in a wide -necked vase , the color of ther flower and the vase must be the same and can be determined by checking a person \’s birth date on a feng shui chart or by having a reading done . it can help you improve your surroundings to attract romance , and you can increase your personal energy .
    we havn\’t any history channel , there are some boring channal talk about politics beteeen taiwan and our mainland .

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  7. Hi Toby…long time eh? Well Ive been so busy and havent had much time to get around to anyone. I did manage to set our league to ready and the day after we drafted. I sent out an alert to everyone that we were going to ready status. Arent you excited its almost football time….august will fly by it always does. Anyways, just trying today to get around to everyone while im home, take care and see you round! Oh STEELERS RULE!!!! Oh i got a picture to email you…its a hit on Big Ben but wtf…youll laugh and its worth that! Ok check your email freak! Hugs~~PB~~

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