The past week…

The past week I have been workin on my new networking website. It is called ActiveRain and it is similiar to MSN Spaces and MySpace but instead of being a social networking site it is a business referral network. My profile is pretty well setup with a blog, links but with no photo albumn. It seems that their isnt one so I recommended one heheeh
Most of the construction in top notch and the system works really smoothly but the difference is they way agents get featured. Active Rain’s setup is based on paoints which are earned through blogging, updating profile, adding contact info and making comments on blogs.
It is addicting sort of like Spaces and MySpace. I am sure I will be heading back there to try and get some more points today. It is important for our business that we get as many points as possible in these earlier phases, ActiveRain just started. So far I am number 1 in our city, iim the only in it 🙂 #3 in the County and #13 in the state and then #135 in the network. The poeple that got in early have 10-40k points and are in the featured positions. But if it was easy everyone might do it 🙂
Anyhoo I am outta here…

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