I am a fiend…

barnettassociates.net website screenshot

I am a fiend when it comes to finding a new blog network and going over board, hence, Goingbigger 😛 In my last post I shared about a new network for real estate agents and such. These people are mostly under the impression they can use ActiveRain to get referrals from other agents. MUHAHAHAH…let them…

I am using this too for advertising, seems like a bigger and broader approach to me 🙂 Maybe they don’t understand the full value of what this network is going to become. To me, the big picture, Goingbigger, sees the whole process and why I am so eager to be on the top. So far my stats are as follows:

#1 in Marysville (my city)
#3 in Snohomish County (my county 😛 )
#12 in Washington (my state)
#108 in the Network (currently at 2314)

This a brand new company which was started about 5 miles from my apartment, in Bellevue. I am like Schweet…I am in like flin…hahahah maybe, maybe not.

But what I have found is hard work is rewarded. And you are awarded advertising positions…I love positions 🙂

Especially when there with a §§§mokin hottie!! Ah yea, §§§§mokin HOTTIES RULE!!

Chicks are cool…


3 thoughts on “I am a fiend…

  1. Hi Toby,
    That is quite nice!
    Felicitation, I may have ambition to do somthing equivalent in my domain (Software Engineering) and do some quite nice developper tools web site! Héhé
    Have a nice summer dude, take care.

  2. Hey Baby, Come vote for me on SHOF…
    Please, Pease, Please, Please….
    Remember you must vote on all 3 catagories….=O)
    Big Higs

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