MSN Spaces introduces Live Spaces

MSN Spaces introduces Live Spaces today and my initial reactions are good except for one item, the URLs have changed once again. Finally Spacers are allowed to use the full width of the screen and add mutiple modules to keep in contact with friends. I doubt I will ever use most of them because of the time it takes to load my Space. I have added another feature spacer to bring my totaly to two, Jolie MaeRedwineGoesBig.
All these changes over the past year have shown that the Microsoft team has been working their butts off but I have one simple request.
Stop changing the URLs.
I went from a PR 4 to a zero, and probably less of a zero since the switch from htp:// to Will our once heftly traffic ever return or will the Spaces Team continue to change our address so we have to fully rely on Live Spaces for traffic? I personally like getting traffic for the various search engines around the world and getting new, non spaces related traffic.
It seems that this is just another hurdle for us to cross. This Space used to be my bread and butter when it came to page rank. Now it is my MySpace (PR 3) is my highest PR site. My real estate site is a PR 2 but it does way to much traffic for me to put to much emphasis on its PR.
Well I am off to see what I can do with the reconstruction of my Space. Take care all and chat with ya soon!

7 thoughts on “MSN Spaces introduces Live Spaces

  1. hola hun!
     so good ta see ya! ova at my space ~ and yuppers rammstein fer shore Rox!
    thingz r hectic.. god? not sure yet haha ~ hava good one!

  2. Mi amigo…
    i\’m back… new space… same face.
    Thought I would drop in and say ALLO again.  Been a while bro… lotta shits hit the fan…like me and my bike in the left rear quarter panel of a Mustang!  Oh did I mention I FECKIN hate Mustangs… yeah, cause I do!
    Anway hope summer is treating you like a king.  Pop by some time, u can check out the pics of my… whats left of my bike.  No fear though, broken ribs, arm and wrist will not keep me down for long… can\’t wait to go shoppin for my new girl… \’07 Ninja ZX-10R… she\’s gonna be a beauty no doubt.
    Take care dude.. ttyl.

  3. Hola sexy American.. : )
    how the hell do we add ppl to our friends thingy??
    and why arent I on yours .. grrrrr
    hope you are well..
    hugs & gropes

  4. Hi Toby!
    Hell yeah lol, on google it\’s still that is first result, but they at least there is redirection to our new url lol.
    Well what I hate the most is the holy shit loading time, it\’s ugly so dam slow just to visit and to update it\’s a pain.
    Seem like Micro$oft developper add things without optimisez them for speed.
    Well have a good week, let\’s chat of it on MSN someday 😉
    Have a nice summer end dude take care

  5. Hiya Toby.
    Howz My Cute Neighbor doing?
    Come say hello…=O)
    Big Time hugs…
    OH" and where did all the hot weather go?
    Cooler is good, but 85 would be nice…huh?

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