Sea Fair 2006

Well my Sea Fair was not to shabby this year. I spent it with my Dad, just us two, kickin it and feasting like kings. Dad arrived around 11:30 am with a cooler full of fresh Dungenous Crab, aka Sea Spiders, steak, corn and some other stuff. We ralxed and watched a little hydroplace racing on the boob tube before getting word that the Blue Angels were going to be flying. So we made our way to my roof top and commenced Maximum Chillaxin.
The F-18 Hornets the team flys are some of the best fighter jets to be developed by the United States and the manuvers these gentlemen pull fulling describes the capabilities of these jets. My pictures turned out s***ty but thankfully my buddy Rudy came through. He spent the day on the water directly underneath the flight pattern so when he swings by tonight I will post his images, view photo albumn. Even from my apartment roof top we could still get a decent show and will the speed they carry the Blue Angels can cruise the distance of Lake Washington in no time flat.
When the Angels were done flying, Dad and I grilled the steak on the complimentary BBQ and headed into the apartment for sea spiders and other fixens. I probably had two full crab along with my Dad so that means we way to many left overs. So instead of wasting all those crab we sat and watched racing while we cracked and ate more crab…the stuff is too good to put down. If you never had Dungenous crab before then your so missing out. Come visit me and I will introduce them to ya 😉
We cracked enough for me to try making crab chowder. I am a chowder freak and this will be my first attempt at making it 🙂 Good thing I haven enough crab to screw up and redo it.
It was a great day, just me and my old man hangin out!! It rocked, and with his job we don’t get to kick it like we used to just because we are all so busy these days.

5 thoughts on “Sea Fair 2006

  1. Toby, I\’ll have to let u love the \’Stangs.  These days they\’re on my uhm… most hated list.  Trust me, after you slam into one and flip on to its trunk and go through it\’s back window, you kinda lose your appreciation for them… specially when they lose control right in front of you and end up sid ways across the road in front of you… Fucker!  Man that hurt.  Three broken ribs, broken radius bone in my right arm, broken right wrist, sprained right ankle, lacerated liver from the broken ribs… and a partridge in a pair tree!  But hey, not a scratch on me otherwise cause I was wearing my leather gloves, jacket and boots… still as pretty as ever… LOL!  Hape all is well in your world my friend.. will catch you around the space world bro!

  2. Oh, and my spelling sucks so bad cause i\’m typing with my left hand and… yeah… I\’m right handed!  LOL!
    Cheers bro.

  3. Hey bro.  2 years out of Seattle and I forgot all about Seafair!  I hear you on the flying dots thing.  Same thing happened to us in June when we tried to take pics at the Hill AFB air show.  Only differeance was we were trying to take pics of Americas \’other flying team\’ the AF Thunderbirds (F-16).  The wife has her heart set on a $700 6 mega pixel camera that Costco is selling that comes with 2 telephoto zoom lens.  Were going to pick one up in October.  Hopefully that will take care of the crappy pics problem.
    Did the switch to live spaces screw  with your pics?  For about a week, none of my photos were showing, and my profile photo still isn\’t showing.
    Oh well thes MS for U!

  4. (\\…/) ( *.*) (")_(")Hi Ya! Taking a moment to return all my comments left between Aug 1 – 10 Hopefully returning the ♥ & appreciation left & fillng you with warm & fuzzies!
    I have never been to seafair, you would think being that I only live 2 hrs away I would get on that… but .. maybe one day… especially sicne I have a boat I wouldnt even have to drive down I could well drive down in the boat..
    Sounds like a great day with dad.. and wow who knew you were such a cook.. I love chowder too… omg clam chowder with salmon so goood…. youl have to cook for moi sometime…Quote of the Day…. Friendship is like a prism through which the many variations of beauty are revealed in our lives. -Anon. ⓑⓔ ⓣⓡⓤⓔ ⓣⓞ ⓤ ◦º°×°º♥Nicci♥ º°×°º Time 2 Show ♥ & Support ~Drop your vote for August at SHOF~

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