My emotions…

My emotions have been all over the past two months, well mainly. in the tiolet. As a result, I quit exercising and then started to get fat. Yes, fat. Having soggy mid section is something I have never had and it was getting flabby. It was a downward spiral that I got into, not working out, feel bad, don’t work, feel worse. But hopefully that period has past I can get back to feeling some what normal.
To help facilitate my getting rippedness, i bought a Muscle Fitness magazine and a bottle of Arsenal-X. My goal is too keep my size, maybe decrease it a bit, and lean out. I need to get back to where to my 9% body fat and 160lbs, don’t care about my weight now and currently 185lbs, when I was 24. Then the ladies at the beach voted me Best Body which was totally schweet. Those days are gone and now I am stuck with a semi-flabby mid section and decent build.
"It doesn’t matter how much you can lift, all that matters is what you look like when the shirt comes off"…Toby
Getting rid of what I call "the layer" is the hardest part about excerising. A person can work and work but then never reach the ulitimate goal and then give up. F*** giving up!! Try harder Toby, that is what I kept telling myself today as I sweated my ass off. It felt so good to get that energy release and the increase in heart rate. My mind also seems to work better after I have worked out and during my work days when I keep a constant regiment of exercise.
Summer is almost so why start this now? Because ski season is just around the corner and I need to be conditioned to keep the goingbigger during all ski season!! Go Big or Go Home!! heheh, starting to get to old to think that way. Work is always on Monday and can’t get paid if I’m in the hospital. I have been in the hosiptal to much for my injuries and never liked it, well, I did like the nurses checking out my junk 🙂 that is always cool, always!!
So here is to hot nurses, big guns and cold beverages!! Rock out with your c*** out!! or your Jugs!!

3 thoughts on “My emotions…

  1. Hi dude!
    Well don\’t care too much about it, each girl have her preference, my dear one love my little extra fat (wich is really little, but still 5kg).
    Just keep being in shape and healty that\’s all that count man.
    Take care!

  2. Thats exactly right.  Go BIG or go HOME!!!  Cheers to you mate!!  Dont forget to drink extra beer for me since I am stuck here in Saudi Arabia.  Laaaaaatteee!!!!  Sledders go BIG!!

  3. Never to old but it\’s GO HARD OR GO HOME lol. I could do with some meat on my bones cause it\’s bloody cold here and I\’m freezing my ass off. Bloody weather shit one day even shittier the next.

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