Seahawks Sunday

At 5:00pm PST the Indianapolis Colts hos the Seattle Seahawks in the second preason game of the 2006 seaason. This is a rematch of last years Christmas Eve game where the Seahawks defense denied Payton Manning the endzone and the Colts turned it over on downs. Manning is not used to being denied the endzone but here is Seattle the happens to alot fo teams.
This game will very different from a Christmas Eve game. Being preason the starters should play to long due the risk of injury. The guys are coming over for Mega Nachos and FOOTBALL!! It should be fun. My buddy provided some pictures from the game last week when the Seahawks hosted the Dallas Cowboys in Quest Field. So instead of adding pictures to this page all week I instead created a Seahawks 2006 page on the real estate site.
All of us have jersys, mine is #8. Others are #51, #23 & #37…Two offense and two defensive…kinda of irronic. It was a must for this season and they sorta make ya feel badass when wearing it. I usually don’t wear sports aparrall in my normal day to day gear. Hopefully the guys wear theirs when they come down from Marytown.
PowerblockTV is on Spike right now and it makes it hard to type because of all the cool performance stuff I wanna look at. Last week they had Joe Gibbs Silverado on Trucks and since then I been really outlining the setup for my 03 Silverado. My friends borrowed my truck for a week when he went on vacation to Ocean Shores, view Truck & Chick Pics. I won’t give away any secret just yet…i’ll wait until i have money saved for that.

3 thoughts on “Seahawks Sunday

  1. I\’m watching the game right now and your Seahawks are looking pretty good.  Did you know that the last 5 teams who lost in the superbowl, never made the playoffs the following year?

  2. Hi…I\’m back!
    Taking a minute to stop by and thank you for visiting me while I was away dealing with my lil crisis. Things are still hectic but I\’m making an attempt to catch up on my comments. I truly appreciate each and every visit. Just a generic for now more personal comments to come.

  3. Toby Toby Toby
    The CFL brother that\’s where it\’s at… The BC Lions in fact…  OKAY STOP LAUGHING!
    I know it\’s hard to take a league serious that only has 9 teams, but it is seriously entertaining football brother. 
    Anyhow, you\’d be prou man, I just signed my 9 year old son up for tackle football!!!  He is serious middle linebacker material… played it in Flag and was a QB KILLA!  The other teams were double teaming him and the opposing coaches kept saying "watch that kid" (referring of course to.. yeah – you guessed it, my BOI!!).  He was directing traffic out on the field.. damn, getting misty eyed again just thinking about it!  LOL!
    Anyway, hope yer having a kickass summer dude… mine sucks… still all broken, but on the bright side everyone in my family likes it cause they have a designated boat driver for wakeboarding and water skiing. 
    Take care buddy… and drop by soon.

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