Not sure…

Of all the friends I have met on MSN Spaces the Hotties are the best. Can I get a hell yea for the Hotties? HELLZZZ YEA!! Through my blogging experience there have been alot of chance encounters that have bloawsommed (sp) into true friendships. I never thought it would happen and in over a year I still am in contact with the original OG’s of MSN Spaces. To bad the hotties live a ways away….cuz i would swing over and say "Wa§§§up".
Over the past few months my attention has been diverited to my ActiveRain profile due to MSN changing the URLs of Spaces’ bloggers and the rapid updates (before testing) to the system.
Applying my experience and knowledge gained from MSN Spaces has enabled me to gain a substancial (sp) lead amoung others in the ActiveRian network. SOmetimes it feels like cheating but its not so f*** it 🙂 In business school I learned that applying current knowledge to a different industry has the opportunity to gain folds over the competition, benchmarking (simplistically) to secure a long term advantage over new entrants and current strongholders that don’t deploy the technology.
I have may employed to many thoughts there but their you have it 😉 Blogging has become more of a job, a welcomed advertising op. in my opinion, and it is hard to continue to think of inovative topics to entice readership. It is different than running a personal blog where a blogger with talk about whateva.
Sometime I wonder why I do it all but then i think of my families company. If i did it for me alone it would be weird but it surprises me that a lot of people dont see what I do for the benifit for them….hmmmm…i guess that is just the way it is.
To bad…they can’t see the success someone else drives for them. ah well…i guess that is life…sry for the rambling post…logical thought in this one.

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