Damn it has been awhile…

Damn it has been awhile since I last posted. Forgive me since I have been working on my ActiveRain profile/blog. It takes alot of time, as all us Spacers know, and the catch 22 of the AR network is rank is determined by points. So when the work stops on the page so do the incoming points. This enables other people to beat you out for key positioning but at least I am #2 in my county and #1 in my city of business, Marysville 🙂 Not too shabby.
Moving on…The Seattle Seahawks host the Oakland Raiders tonight in our last preseason game. RIP THEIR HEADS OFF, COMPLETELY OFF, RIPP IT OFF!! Oops…I had a game moment come over me just then. It should be a great game and there are some old Huskies who play for the Raiders who will be back in town for the first time in a while, Tuiasosopo. I am excited and should be extremely fun!! Go Seahawks!!
Well got to be getting back to work…i guess…don’t really want today but ah well thats life 😛

2 thoughts on “Damn it has been awhile…

  1. The Colts are on this weekend against the Bengals. They are saying that Peyton is only taking one or two snaps :(.  Preseason is such a damn tease!! 😦 
    Can\’t wait for the real thing, baby!!  Monday night – MANNING VS. MANNING – Go, BIG BLUE!!

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