Seahawks vs Raiders

The Seattle Seahawks bludgeoned the Oakland Raiders in a 30-7 victor at Quest Field. With the Hawks winning the coin toss and choosing to receive it looked as if the first points of the game would go to Seattle. Nope. The Seahawks went three and out and decided to punt the ball away instead of going for it on 4th and 3. It was a stellar punt but the unthinkable happened. The punt was returned for a Raiders touchdown. With the extra point made the Raiders took an early 0-7 lead.
That just gets the blood going and for the rest of the football game it was all Seahawks.
On the very next drive, Hasselbeck ran for a ground breaking 25 yards to set up a Seahawks first down. With pressure coming from the outside and his receivers covered, Hasselbeck took full advantage of the wide open field to run for a 25 yard gain (it may have been the longest run of the evening). Next play, pass interference on the defense, Seahawks 1st down. Now inside the red zone, the Hawks do what they do best, score touchdowns. Hasselbeck handed it off to Alexander and then he headed left, but no room, so Alexander roles and heads right. Covering sideline to sideline and receiving a super block Engram, Shaun gets into the end zone for 6. With the extra point good the Hawks have made it a 7-7 ball game.
That would the last time the starting offense would take the field but the scoring didn’t stop there. Wallace came in to lead the offense and after scrambling and contenting on some great passes, the Hawks were back inside the red zone. Still going after the pas game, Wallace found Hackett in the end zone for a brilliant catch. Wallace scrambled to by time and Hackett got open in the very back of the end zone. With the pass in the air, Hackett jumped and caught the ball getting the left foot down and his right heel down before falling out of bounds. Perfect catch for TD and a perfect extra point by Brown the Seahawks now take a 14-7 lead.
The next few quarters the Seahawks brought in Greene, who seen the most time at QB in his whole career. He looked like he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. A little rusty but comfortable, Greene made good passes; great hand offs to Weaks and moved the football down field. He moved them down field enough to setup 3 Brown field goals, 42 – 51 – 38, before getting inside the red zone. Capitalizing on opportunity, Greene handed the football off to Weaks for another Seahawks towndown.
With the score 30-7 the Hawks had a comfortable lead in the final minutes of the game. But did they give up, Nope; the defense came back on the field and picked off Tuiasosopo with 1:47 left in the 4th quarter. Game Over!!

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