Can someone be a friend to another person and not get cuaght up in the drama? Shit I don’t know. An old friend got a hold of me through my RE site but then everything went crazy. This couple seems to be splitting up and having a few kids together doesnt help the situation any. We talked on the phone about work, life and shit we are both going through. NORMAL CONVERSATION!! Lasst time I checked talking wasnt a crime. Now the husband was to kill me…hahhaha omg. Whatever…try it…and try hard because your going to need. he left a message on my phone, I was out shopping, say if I touch he will kill me. One: I have known these two for 12-15 years. Two: we were talking. Three: he has been in one fight in his whole life, I can’t count mine. Four: WTF…is this still high school? Damn I am 28 and don’t need to be boxing over anything.
People still wanna box over people talking to their women? Most of my friends are married or engaged and I am the loan bachelor. Growing up means to you sleep with people’s wife…NOT A NEW CONCEPT…I don’t believe in it so why would I do it. In all my years I have never slept with someones girlfriend or wife…I have strict rulz against that shit for the simple drama eposide that is unfolding. But that doesnt mean a friend still can’t be that.
They called for advice on rentals and the housing market for crying out loud. What am I supposed to do? Say..sorry your married I can’t talke to you…give me a break…talk to people is what I do…sorry if that affends but GROW THE F*** UP.
Hell I am a business man. Lets do this for money. If someone wants to beat my ass then lets make a ring, sell tickets, have people bet (take a share of the winnings) and make some money for our bruises. Lets use the thing between the ears for the powers of good, not evil.

2 thoughts on “Drama

  1. I\’ll bet my paycheck on Tobzz in the blue corner!  If I am right on who the other person is, he is still in high school and needs to have a wake up call.  How about a round house to the jaw, Jet Li style!! HAHA

  2. You are right…that is DRAMA…but maybe he knows his wife better tahn you do and his aggression is from something she did in the past and it\’s making him paranoid.  I say, cut it off now.  Forget him, her, and any business them RE wise.  Sucks…but, serouosly.  You don\’t need that.

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