I read an article this morning about an Austrian teen held capitive for 8 1/2 years. It was a great article and Kampusch has been doing some interviews about her ordeal. From what I read she seems to being doing very well. Kampusch live in the a basement cell of her captors for so long it is unimaginable the pain she had to go through to survive and to be so strong upon her escape.
That’s right she escaped. While her captor was busy with a cell phone call she ran to the neighbors house where they called the police. It is saddening to hear someone experience such a miserable thing while being so young but I happy is now free and away from such a evil person. Kampusch is a pretty girl of 18 who now has a chance at a normal life. During the interview she would only answer selective questions regarding her abuse and treatment.
People like her captors will burn in Hell for their cruelty. People like that are absolutely evil. Taking away someone elses freedoms and subjecting them to the horrors of an evil persons soul is unforgiveable. BURN IN HELL FUCKER!!

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