Seattle Seahawks vs Detriot Lions – Season Opener

Yesturday was the Seattle Seahawks season opener and two of my best friends decided to come over. The game was at 10:00am so needless to say I darn near slept in…but getting up in the nic of time I got the tv fired up and stereo volume loud just to see kick-off. When my buddies arrived, Brian and WillDawg, The nachos hit the oven and we commenced to yelling at the TV.
The game was played in Detriot, location of Superbowl XL, of all places but this time instead of the Steelers the Seahawks faced the Detriot Lions. The game was a battle of defenses and neither offense could get any production. When half time came the score was 6-3 with the Hawks leading by 3. The Hawk defense looked good, especially our secondary but the biggest surprise is when Josh Brown had 2, that’s right, 2 field goals blocked. The second half was the same story with more field goals being added and as luck would have it, Josh Brown kicked a 42 yarder for the game winning field with zero time left on the clock. GO SEAHAWKS!!
It was a rough one to watch because the whole time it was like we might loose this one. But thank goodness we did not. The Seattle Seahawks are slowly improving their season opener record but it is still the worst in the NFL. One of those stats that got really out of wack during our 20 years of crappiness.
One another football note. The Washington Huskies played the Oklahoma Sooners. The Dawgs were having a great game until the second half and a game changing fumble-recovery-fumble-recovery. The ball changed hands twice on the Sooners 2 yard line which gave the Huskies and opportunity to get 6f on the board. But they fumbled and gave the ball back to the sooners. That marked the beginning of the end and Sooners ended up winning. But it was an impressive first half by the Huskies and they are 1-1 in the season. GO DAWGS!!
Hope your team did well and now I am outta here!!

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