Seattle Seahawks Home Opener

This weekend the Seattle Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals in their second regular season game. The Seahawks are coming off a win on the road against the Lions starting off with a record of 1-0. The first home of the season looks to be an all out roudy blattle. The Cardinals would have not forgot the intensity of the Seahawk Fans and the noise they create. Even with all their good players it will be hard to beat the Seattle Seahawks at home especially since verbal play calls are near impossible.
In the off season Arizona added some big names to their roster like Edgerrin James and Matt Leinart. The Arizona Cardinals are looking to have a better year than last season where they finish 2-14 and retaining players like Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin they might have a chance. Might is the million dallor word.
Being plaqued by a week offense line the Arizona Cardinals have a difficult time getting enough pass protection for Kurt Warner. Playing in the Hawks House is going to be very difficult because of the amplittude our fans can create for our defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tatupu, Peterson and Bennard all have sacks in this game. Bring on the beat-down.
Sorry Warner, but I am afraid you are going to be sore come Monday. What am I saying I won’t be sorry 🙂 So wear your Blue/Green to work tomorrow and show your 12th Fan support for the Greatest Team in the NFL, YOUR SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!
Toby’s New Saying: RIP HIS FACE OFF!!

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