Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals

What a game that was. The Seattle Seahawks opened up the game with chain moving football. Hasselbeck completed passes and even connected to DJAX for a 42 year TD pass to the Hawks up 7-0. The Cardinals offense couldn’t keep pace with Seattle’s offense because the Hawk defense kept sacking Warner and played solid coverage on the Cardinals receivers.
As the game progress Seattle continued to move the football and Alexander started to show us why he is the Rushing Record holder. My poinding the football consistently the Hawks set up and short rush for to their second touchdown. Having a 14-0 lead entering the half I thought the offense woudl come out hammering the ball down field.
The third quarter was weak to say the least. The Hawks look to relaxed and didn’t bring the offense cahin moving to their game. Thankfully the defense stepped and held the Cardinals to only 3 points. Peterson pounded on Warner a few tinmes, 2 sacks, and pass rushed enough to keep the offense off balance. the defense really held the game until the offense could regain composure.
Putting another TD on the board was none other than Mack Strong. Hasselbeck called his number on the goal and he came through. Being consistent and reliable is Mack is all about. Got STRONG? The Seattle Seahawks won their season opener 21-10 in Quest Field.
2-0 and next week we have another home game which will a be a rematch from last years OT game against the New Yor Gaints. See ya there!!

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