Talking about Pope Benedict XVI, Islam and ‘Holy War’ – Newsweek Society –

Does anyone have a back bone to stand up the the Islamic community? Evidently not. Even the Pope is retracking and apologizing for his statements he made regard the "evil and inhuman" ideology behind the Islamic faith. The Islamic community is threatening a Holy War against the Christians for Pope Benedicts statement.

Benedict was quoting 14th Century text when addresses a scientic group. The statement was supposed to spur an intellectual debate but instead he has been receiving the "evil and inhuman" threats from the Islamic community. I have said it before and I will say it again Islam: Don’t react violently to comments and your culture won’t be perceived in that light.

Who cares if someone says something about your prophet. Does it affect your day to day life? No it does not. If you don’t agree with it then you don’t agree with it. Starting a war over some words is the dumbest thing you can do. Instead of focusing on positive steps for the Islamic culture and its societies time is spent on protesting, fire bombing and kidnapping because some said somthing.

Give me a break and people grow a back bone and own up to your words. The Islamic community will back lash no matter what because they are behind the times and would rather get their panties in a bunch over some 14th Century text. Let it go Muslims and grow up.

Islam is a violent and out dated culture and you can quote me!


Pope Benedict XVI, Islam and ‘Holy War’ – Newsweek Society –


2 thoughts on “Talking about Pope Benedict XVI, Islam and ‘Holy War’ – Newsweek Society –

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