Seahawks piping in crowd noise

In a atricle published by The Seattle Times titled Opponents Trying to quite Quest Field? there are now acuisations floating around that the Seahawks organization is piping in fake crowd noise to increase the crowd level in the stadium and give the Seahawks and unfair advantage when playing opponents at home.
This comes about from last years game at Quest Field where the Seattle Fans help create 11 false starts by the New York Giants offense. Being at that the game, I can personally speak for the crowd level and it was 100% natural. As one false started the crowd got into more and as more created it fueled the fire that Hawk Fans have been waiting to unleash for 20 years. In the Times article Lofa Tatupu is quoted saying "That’s where it all started" and he is exaclty right.
That unleashed the beast that all Hawk Fans have. Being a season ticket holder, but unable to make this years Giants game, I gave my ticket to one of my close friends for his wedding present. He better yell his ass off or I will round house him like Chuck Norris. Getting back on topic.
I can’t believe that people would evening bring this topic up…evidently they have never been to Hawk game and ever lived in our area and know what it is like to finally have a KICK ASS TEAM!! Emotions rule the roost and we will being the noise to all teams that dare to have a schedule that puts them in our house!
Toby & Brian at the NFC Championship Game

2 thoughts on “Seahawks piping in crowd noise

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