Hey 12th Fan!!

This Sunday, the NFL Pregame Show will be hosted right here in Quest Field as the Seattle Seahawks host the New York Giants. I have been talking to people about what to expect during the game. My prediction is NOISE and PAIN!!
Noise and Pain, Noise and Pain. It is going to be a great game and I am totally stoked. Here is the injury report from the Hawks website…yea I copied and pasted it, ah well. These are for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday’s report isn’t out yet but I am thinking little will change leading into Sunday, read full injury report.
Jeremy Shockey TE Ankle P P
Tim Carter WR Ankle P P
Plaxico Burress WR Ankle P
James Butler S Knee Q Q
Sinorice Moss WR Quadracep Q Q
Derrick Ward RB Foot O O
Shaun Alexander RB L Foot P P
Itula Mili TE L Knee Q Q
Floyd Womack G L Knee O O
Jerramy Stevens TE L Knee O O

Our offense needs to catch the football and establish a run game. Sources, hehhe, tell me that the Hawks are practicing with 3, 4 and 5 receiver sets to help open up that run game. Also, we should Deon Branch play his first game as a Seahawk! I am anxiuos to see what is going to happen…let’s bomb it out and get some TD’s.


5 thoughts on “Hey 12th Fan!!

  1. Hey bud!! 2-0 we\’re on our way.  According to my ranking system, the Hawks had the #1 offense and the #28 defense in 2005.  So far this year they have the #4 defense and a middle of the pack offense.  Once the offense starts firing they\’ll be unstoppable!!
    Drink a beer for me at Qwest field!

  2. You bozos!…don\’t you realize this is an automated space only for the purpose of promotion and moneymaking!! There is no one actively maintaining this "blog"! No person, no profile…just because some dork is too lame to get a real job!!! 

  3. We totally have a great defense this season and your totally right genjlc, once our offense gets its grove on we will be unstoppable. Lets dominate the 2006 season!! Go Seahawks!!

  4. Hello sweets,
    Clearly I\’m the minority of this page…coming from a Giants household, hehe.. (my husband would kill me lol) but good luck to ya Seahawks. Call me neutral I suppose…understanding about 25% of football but finding it fascinating all the same! Lucky to have tix to see a game…its like hell to find them without spending a fortune and a leg….cool of you to pass on the tix to ya buddy as a wedding gift….I agree – he betta scream, loudly. LOL….again all the best of luck.

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