Seattle Seahawks vs New York Giants

In today’s game, the Seattle Seahawks hosted the New York Giants in a game that was a rematch of last years. Last year the Giants missed 3 game winning field goals which two of those came in over time. This was a totally different story.
in the first play of the game, Hasselbeck (my boy) threw an inception. It sucked but two plays later the Seattle defense intercepted Manning and ran it back to inside the end zone. Hasselbeck came out and got the huddle going. The play call was for trusty #37, with the hand off to Alexander, he punches it through for a TD. Going up 7-0, the Seattle Seahawks look to make game out of it.
The punishment continue through the first quarter, 21-0, a bludgeoning. Then in the second quarter the Hawks put another 14 points to go ahead 35-0 at the half. That is right, at the half.
The third quarter showed that hawks aren’t invincible and the Gaints where able to put some points on the board. The final score was the Seahawks 42 the Gaints 30. The Seattle Seahawks were in to win…for the whole 60 minutes. BOO YAOOOO!!
Hasselbeck, even throwing the first inception, came away with 5 TD passes. That is 35 points and good movement of the football. Hasselbeck showed leadership especially in the face of hardship. Shaking off the his first pass he came back and rallied to give the Hawks and early half lead. 35-0, from where I come from, that is a lead.
The Hawks are now 3-0 on the season and who brought the noise NFL commissionaires? Trusty number 12. The fans ripped and roared. My buddies called me through the game and I couldn’t hear shit. The 12th Fan continues to shake Seattle!!

2 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks vs New York Giants

  1. Hey Toby!
    There were a zillion people here at Quest today!!
    It was so LOUD I was getting quite a headache!
    Too bad Princess Boobie wasnt here, she could have watched
    a REAL TEAM win!!
    hehe 🙂

  2. Hahaha!
       Yeah, it was a record crowd!
    I tried to get on tv. I came in through the North side of the parking lot, and they had the stage set up and Howie/Terry etc were doing their show… When they put the camera on us it was just for a second..heh heh.
    After the game there was no way to fit down there again..too many people!!! Looked like 10,000 just right around the stage, they were screaming SEAHAWKS-SEAHAWKS  hahahahaha!

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