Alexander out due to broken foot

This just in, Shaun Alexander is out indefinetly due to a broken left foot. That totally sucks. He broke it during last Sunday’s game against the Giants where the Hawks won 42-30. Only time will tell how this will effect our line up but with all the other injuries on offense this is a big blow. Being last years MVP, Shaun was a top producing player each and every game and as Holmgren put it "You lose the MVP for a while, it’s a hit," Holmgren said. "Let’s face it, he’s the MVP. We’re not going to sugarcoat it." We did loose him last years playoff game versus the Redskins when he got knocked out in the first quarter. Now our other players have to really step it up. It is sad that he will be out but that doesn’t mean we can’t win, read the full article. Holmgren also said, "I don’t think it will be real lengthy," and "Now, he just has to stay off of it and let it heal." Get Better Shaun becuase we already miss ya buddy! Let’s rally in the face of adversity and continue to play Superbowl football. GO SEAHAWKS!!

One thought on “Alexander out due to broken foot

  1. Hey Mr. Hot Bod,
    I wont pretend to like football cuz really I dislike it very much. I find it boring to watch…
    Nice to see you so passionate about something though.
    Hope you are well! =D

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