Hawks vs Bears

The battle of the buldge is going on this Sunday night with the Seattle Seahawks traveling to Soldier Field to take on another 3-0 team, the Chicago Bears. It will be a great game because both teams are 3-0, have great defenses but the Seahawks have a higher powered offense.
Here are some statistics on the match up from the Seattle Seahawks article.
Seahawks are 6-2 on Sunday Night Football
Seahawks are 6-2 against the Bears
Seahawks have won the last two games in the series
This is the 16th time Holmgren has faced the Bears
The odds are in our favor but we all know how quickly that can change. Hasselbeck is going to have to come out of the gate with the cannon while using 4 and 5 receiver sets. We need to shake up the Bears defense to open our run game. With Alexander out with a broke foot we are going to have rely on Strong and Morris in our back field. Weaver, are other FB, is not on the disable list so he should see some playing time and could through an unanticipated monkey wrench into the Bears defense.
The Hawks offensive line has to work about the Bears star linebacker, Brian Urlacher. At 6′ 4" and 258 he is a serious threat to any quarterback. Over the past two year the Bears have really made a name form themselves by playing great defense and bringing the pain.
Look for both teams to play there heart in the Battle of the Buldge because this is a NFC showdown with two 3-0 facing off on SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.
Wanna see pics from the Hawks win over the Giants? View Seahawks vs Giants 2006 pics

2 thoughts on “Hawks vs Bears

  1. My Nefhews just sent me a Text message that said:
    "We Just Landed in Chicago, GO SEAHAWKS"!!
    They flew there for the weekend to go to the Game
    and will be wearing Full-on Seahawk Gear!!
    I\’m so Freakin\’ jelous!!!
    This should be a great game!!!
    Have a Great SEAHAWK weekend!!
    Get well soon Shaun!!!

  2. I think the big bad grizzly bear ate the little birdy! LOL……Couldnt wait for them to lose a game! You beat my hubby this week in F.F. he was a soar loser..haha! Take care hun!~~PB~~~

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