Hawks Lost…

Well this last Sunday the Seattle Seahawks lost their first game of the year to the Chicago Bears…ba humbug! The Hawks kicked two field goals for 6 points. The Bears on the other hand racked up a massive 37 against us. Not are best showing that is for sure but this week they at least have a bye week. Now they can regroup and play some football the rest of the season. It seems we just can’t build momentum. Princess Boobie had to point the loss out to me 😦 At least I beat her husband in fantasy football. hahahha…I’ll take a win however I can. Anyhoo gotta get back to work 😦

2 thoughts on “Hawks Lost…

  1. Hey Mr. Hot Bod,
    Hows things?
    Sorry your team lost…
    MUAH…theres a good luck kiss for next time
    Keep it in your pocket while watching the game..haha =P

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