Bye Week

This week the Hawks get Sunday off and get a chance to rest for the next week. It is good for the to go regroup after that major loss to the Chicago Bears. There hasn’t been a whole lot of news on the Seattle Seahawks. Alexander is still out with the broken bone is his foot and won’t be ready for next week and Rhodes hell isn’t to good, Get Better Guys, were rooting for ya.
Holmgren decided to give the guys this week off to regroup and hit it this coming week. The Hawks go back on the road to face our divisional rivals the St Louis Rams. The Seattle Seahawks and the St Louis Rams are both 3-1 on the season and co-lead the NFC West. There will be only one leader after next Sunday, GO SEAHAWKS!! I’ll probably have friends over that game as well. Make tons of food, turn the tv up real loud and yell at it for a few hours!
Last night my buddy Chris and his wife Lindsey came over to carve up some  pumpkins. Exciting Friday night huh, but it was actually pretty fun and my first pumpkin took me forever but it was worth it. Check out the master piece.
Seattle Seahawks Pumpkin

One thought on “Bye Week

  1. WOW!!!
    Kick @SS Pumpkin!!!
    I sure did love watching the Steelers get Beaten tonight
    like the Dogs they are!!
    Ahhhh,….. it makes me Smile!! 🙂
    (and makes for good commenting to PB!) LOL!!
    Take Care Toby &

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