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Tonight I received a disturbing phone call tonight from a fellow alumni of the University of Washington Bothell. It seems that my favorite professor was released from teaching the other day, for reason I don’t know. This absolutely burns my hide since Dr. Kelley was the most influential professor in my life. Through my years of study, I was privileged to take 25 credits under her through my last 2 years of college and 20 credits of those came in my senior year. Professor Kelley is that person who shaped who I am today personally and professionally. The ways she has touched my life, and colleague’s lives, are still a topic of discussion in my family and in the alumni circle.
Talking with my friend Cari tonight has gotten me thinking of the impact Professor Kelley has had on my life. Lets recap so we can all see the impact she has had.
  1. Dr. Kelley put me in contact with the Seattle Mariners for the possibility of an internship. She helped me construct my resume and prepped me for the interview. I got the internship.
  2. Dr. Kelley was my consulting professor when did a University of Washington Bothell consulting project for Masterpiece AG-Limited. A project that lasted six months, I got life long lessons how to lead a team, accomplish task on-time while providing a high quality product for our client.
  3. Dr. Kelley was my consulting professor for a benchmarking project which my team and I provided recommendations and a strategic plan for the Yakama Nation Museum in Toppenish, WA. She taught me to get meeting with people and through the project I was privileged enough to interview the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at the Museum of Flight.
  4. Dr. Kelley personally asked me to be a consultant to her Business Strategy course that was working on an international collaboration project with the first private Bosnian University, Slobomir P Univerzitet. I went to Bosnia not knowing anyone and unable to speak the language to work with the professors, students and local companies in the first student consulting project in the county. I taught business strategy, leadership and team building.
  5. Dr. Kelley sent me a link for a potential job shortly after graduation. I followed up with the people and they put me in contact with another company which lead to my position with Starbucks Coffee Company as a royalty accountant.

Now if a professor impacts a students life and students lives in this manner wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the University to retain such a high quality professor? I think so, I totally believe it so. Professor Kelley is a great woman and is only rivaled by my mom and grandma. Now I ask you, would you want to mentored by a person that cares so much in your life? How can a value be placed on someone who has had this type of impact? In my humble opinion, you can’t.

PK you are the best thing that could have ever happened to me. With your straight forward, no bones style teaching, you showed me what exactly it is going to take for this Marysville kid to become successful and what you taught me is priceless. Through your guidance and leadership, I have achieved things that are still beyond my comprehension. So I solute you and the quality of caring you put into all your students academic, professional and personal achievements. You’re the Best in my Book and I am confident there are many others that feel as I do. Today the University of Washington Bothell has lost one of their greatest evangelizer.

I love ya PK!!


Toby Barnett


6 thoughts on “University of Washington Bothell

  1. To all that is Concerns:
    My name is Cari Cardinal, a former student of Dr. Patricia Kelley. This is not the first time I have written a letter regarding her nor will it be the last. In all honesty, I am a laid back procrastinator and will only write or take the time when an event/action needs my immediate attention. I recently learned Dr. Kelley was let go by the University of Washington. I know she was up for her tenure, and as rumor has it University’s tend to break their relationships with professors professionally to save a buck as so political gossip indicates. True or not, I wish to voice my opinion. I hope you listen because you, the bodies of the university have forever changed my perception.
    In the beginning, I was allowed into the Business Program by just a thin piece of hair. I worked very hard, but years of procrastination had caught up with me. In relation to my peers, I had to work harder because the information just didn’t seep in. There were some professors who were good and helped and then there were a few who went the extra mile. Dr. Kelley was the first. I could call her at all hours of night. I worked full time so she understood if I had to call her at ten thirty. Looking back now, I am not sure how her family felt about that because her phone constantly rang and she always answered and always explained.
    What am I so angry? Well, Dr. Kelley is one of the few people who have a made a tremendous impact on my life. Where do I even start? How about the trip to Bosnia? She took me and eleven students to this county to teach us International Policy, ethics, strategy, business relationships, communication, and culture. You name it, we learned it. It wasn’t out of book. It was real people, real businesses. She left her family at home to teach us how other people lived and how they function. She gave us the light to a world that some of us will never see. In this developing country, she made us feel safe. She went beyond her paycheck, beyond required articles of interest, beyond what I do and most people actually accomplish in neither one day nor an entire lifetime. This is only class where I remember every single thing I learned. It didn’t wash away the after the test and nor will it for the rest of my life. Feel free test me because I will not fail.
    The story of Dr. Kelley continues and did even after I graduated. She invited me to the beautiful country of Italy where she taught me Benchmarking. Most of us, including a few CEO’s I know don’t even know what that is. Again, she put her family on the back burner, sacrificed her own life and time, to teach another group of students a subject matter. We did have to read a text book before we left, to which I didn’t really understand one bit of it. It wasn’t until we actually started Benchmarking in Italy’s Wine Country did I even begin to grasp. And yes, this was summer time, during when I believe most professors don’t work. The subject matter here is; was Dr. Kelley a good teacher?  Again, ask me one question on the subject of benchmarketing and I will know. Grab your text book turn to a page and I will know it only because Dr. Kelley showed me how to really do it. You can get a book and tell me how to type but unless you show me how, what’s the point?
    I do understand the University itself is a business. Most businesses survive merely on what is called “customer referrals”. Correct? There has been many times where I have told my story about this professor and all that I learned. I have gone to job interviews where they sit and listen to the entire story. They are always intrigued as they sure as hell didn’t get that opportunity in college. It’s not standard education; it showed the UW teaches it student more then just a line in a book, which is far more important to any employer. I have since been offered two jobs with significant increases in pay. Besides what it did for me, it sponsored your name that is “The University of Washington”. I don’t know what I will say now. You have lost a person of great worth. You have lost a true teacher. You have changed my story that I tell all my family, friends, business clients, ect. I am forever upset, sad, beyond your political crap. The University is there to teach us. I am now $20K in debt to the US government for your education. I am only glad that I met Professor Kelley for every payment I make is worth what she taught me. Otherwise, I would have merely paid for a piece of paper. Yes!!!!!!!
    Dr. Kelly if you ever read this. I love you. You are the best. I only hope that you can move beyond your pain and continue to give at least one more person what you gave me. My parents taught me to be confident, motivated, and to be full of love, hope, and faith. You helped ingrain that into me. You helped teach me to be grateful for what I have. You taught me people are different, you taught me to accept, you taught me how to socialize with anybody. I forever will be blessed with what you gave me. You are like my family, you gave me something my parents gave me, you built on that, and I am not even your child. I am just of one of many. You are the best! Please remember how you changed me. I am not the only one. I have a two handful of friends because of you, that feel the same way.

    Hiya Toby,
    Grinchy & I say….Go Seahawks!
    And Death to The Pukesburg Squeelers!
    Cya later Toby=O)

  3. some people come into our lives and quickly go.some people move our souls to dance. they awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom.some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. they stay in our lives for a while, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same as before.
    you are lucky to meet such a person in ur life.

    Hey Toby!
    Dont believe PB and all that "Go Steelers" Crap,
    She\’s not fooling anyone.
    I think it\’s just peer pressure to root for her lame home team.
    In all actuallity, her & her Hubby are big SEAHAWKS fans!!
    Here\’s the proof of her dirty little secret:

    hehehe!! 🙂

    Hey Toby,
    Check out this Dirt I got on Ben Toothlessberger!
    Just more proof that the Pukesburg Squeelers Suck,…. literally!!
    Hahahhhahaa!!! 🙂
    Have a Great friday the 13th!

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